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Get to Know Gary Hiller

Hello Realtors,

I would like to introduce myself to you.

* I am a twenty year retired Orlando Police Officer.

* I also have had my Real Estate License since 1980.

* I have been with numerous companies, mostly on a part time basis until I retired in 1992.

When I Retired I became a Realtor and was working with Century 21 Oviedo. My first year there I became a million dollar producer. After working full time in the Real Estate game I decided I needed to slow down and enjoy my retirement. So I placed my license with a Referral Company to stay Active but to stop paying Board Dues.

I was introduced to the Safety Product Business this year {2007}.

I decided to come out of retirement after realizing that I would be able to use both my Police knowledge and my Real Estate knowledge together.

Knowing first hand the dangers every Realtor faces, each time they either show a property, hold an open house, go to and from a listing of a property, not to mention the numerous late after dark traveling to and from a prospects home.

We all have been told at least a million times what we should do. You known, always pre qualify a person. Bring them to the office and make a copy of their drivers license.Try to go with another agent on a new call for a listing or showing of a property. Etc.

Now for the real story, times are hard to find a buyer, If someone calls and says they are at the property and would like to see it now.We know we should ask them to come to the office for pre qualifying , or at least find another agent who is not busy doing their own business to stop and go with us. But if they even hint that they will just go to someone else, if they have to drive all the way to your office. Most of us would say I need the business and buyers are hard to find, I will just meet them at the property. Once you arrive at the property you should check the area before leaving your vehicle and if your gut feeling tell you something is not right, you should drive away, call the prospect back and have them meet you at a business with a lot of other people around.

All this is needed to keep us safe while trying to make a living.

Now for the real story. Bad people do not look any different than good people. All a Realtor has is awareness and gut feelings. So if you are off one day it could cost you a lot. Being alone in a vacant house with a stranger and something goes wrong and you need to get away fast, but the stranger is bigger, stronger, and faster then you. You know you are going to have a problem. What to do! If you have a self defense product, such as pepper spray, or a stun gun with you. there is a very good chance you will be able to escape and call for help.

Please look at the products I am offering. They do not look like weapons. There is no need to feel upset carrying something that your prospect thinks is a weapon.

* The Pepper Spray Pen looks just like any pen. A Realtor always has a pen with them.

* The Pepper Spray Lipstick looks like any Lipstick or perfume container what women does not carry lipstick.

* The Pepper Spray Pager looks like a pager and I know who carries a pager anymore, well because most Realtors use to carry them, most people do not think twice if you have one with you.

* The small Stun Guns fit right into your hand and also look like Pagers . They can be clipped to you belt or purse.

* Even the Tasers do not look like weapons, more like a small lock box tool,

* We also have a Stun Gun that looks exactly like a Cell Phone. As well as the standard Key chain Pepper Spray, Alarms, and other forms of protection.

We are offering a SALE PRICE on most of our products for Realtors. Call or Email us and we will gladly help you protect yourself and not have to pay a lot of money to do so.

Some items are less than $10.00

Thank you for your time,

Gary L. Hiller   Owner

Gary Hiller Strike Back

P.O. Box 1957

De Leon Springs , Florida 32130


 With Twenty Years on the Orlando Police Department I am able to advise anyone on how criminals think.

If any Realtor has a question or any group would like to discuss ways of protecting themselves. I could  be available.

I have been in Real Estate since 1980 ( I worked part time while I was a Police Officer ).

I know what has to be done to make a sale in Real Estate. The long hours , the night visits to finalize a deal. The meeting of strangers at empty houses. The driving around with someone you wish wasn't riding in your car.

Because of this knowledge I know that every Realtor should be carring some form of protection.

I can offer numerous forms of protection with very little cost to you. I also offer a discount on all the items for Realtors and Real Estate agents, and of course Brokers. A lot of the items are under $10.00. Protect yourself and your loved ones.


Gary Hiller Strike Back is a Safety Plus Company. We supply personnel protection for Realtor. Realtors can purchase Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, Alarms, Etc. Prices start as low as $6.85 Be Safe