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I combine two important functions into one single resource--helping you generate QUALIFIED buyer leads and listings AND getting your buyers REALLY pre-approved for financing.  My mortgage company has wholsesale relationships with 350+ banks and mortgage investors giving us effectively unlimited resources to get your buyers financed.  But I am not simply another mortgage company.  I recognized that the most important thing for my company--and for yours--is a continuing source of serious leads who are getting ready to buy/sell a house.  After studying the habist of people thinking about buyig (or selling) a home I discovered that the internet alone was not the answer.  Internet leads are often poor, do not have correct informaiton, and may be up to 18-24 months (According to NAR) out from doing a transaction.  I surveyed a number of mortgage customers about the process they used to decide which house they wanted to purchase and learned that most browsed around on the internet for an extended time and then when they decided to purchase they got in their car and drove around in neighborhods they thought they would like to live in.  A surprising number said their first contact with an agent was thru the phone number on a yard sign.  Based on this information I started asking if they would have been more likely to call the number ont eh sign if thy could have heard recorded information aobut the property WITHOUT talking to an agent.  Teh results of this survey told me that there would be many times more calls if the caller did not have to talk to the agent. 

Using this information I built a property info system that can generate up to a 300% to 500% or greater incerase in the number of calls you get from your yard signs.  And it can be used as part of a lsiting presentation taht is almost GUARANTEED to get yu the listing.  While other companise with less sophisticated system charge you monthly fees and usage charges that can add up to hundereds of dollars a month I offer my system to agents and brokers free of charge as part of a joint marketing program.  The only thing we are looking for is sharing the leads that are generated. 

 What more could you ask for?  A lead generating comapny that works for free and is just as concerned about the quality of the leads as you are?


I provide you with a unique toll free number for your office so that you and other agents in your office can utilize the system.  In addition to this I provide you with preprinted 6' x 24" sign riders for you to use during your listing presentations and to place in front of the house.  Each sign has a unique property code which you can use along with the toll free number in any other marketing you do for the property.  The last digit in the proeprty code can be changed so that you can track the effectiveness of up to 10 different marketing programs.  Zero is always the marketing code for the yard sign rider.  But you can use 1 as a marketing code ofr your info sheets...2 for classified advertising...3 for just listed post cards...4 for realestate mag #1...5 for real estate mag #2...etc. 

 The most important diffeence between my system and other porperty info systms is that mine is conversational.  The caller does not deal with pressing buttons or waiding thru menus to use the ysstem.  The caller is greeted by a "tour guide" and his assistant.  The tour guide welcomes the callers and tells them that the service is provided by your real estate office and my mortgage business (this establishes the 90 day exemption from the DNC regs) and then he asks them for the property code from the sign or ad.  (if the system cannot understand the response it appologizes for nut understanding and askess for the coed a second time and if it still cannot understand the response it asks the caller to enter the code on the phone keypad.) 

Once the caller tells the tour guide the property code three things happen.  Fitrst you receive a text message on yoru cell phone (and so does my loan officer) telling you that someone at _____ phone number is calling about the property at _____ which is selling for $______.  This message is to give you the information so you can call the person back (if they don't transfer to you in the next couple minutes) and so that you have the information about the property without having to remember what property is assigned to what property code.  At the same time the system generates multiple email messages so that you have a back up copy of the information about the call and if you are a broker you can track the calls that are working for you.  The second thing that happens is the tour guide asks his assistant to find the file and while "she" looks for the file he reminds the callers that it is important to get pre-aproved for financing so that they don't loose their dream home to someone who is already approved. (This gives us both a chance to see if the caller is SERIOUS about finding a house.)  The tour guide tells the caller to simply say, "financing," to get pre-approved...and that once they give a little information they will be returned to the system to continue their "tour" of the home. 

After the financing reminder (or after the caller finishes giving my loan officer some information) the tour guide's assistant announces she has found the file and the he asks her to go thru the tour with the caller while he takes another call.  (This separates out the property descriptions fromt the tour guide voice so that multiple voices can be used for creating the property descriptions.)  For most systems that are available this is not importantant because the system navigation is a simple set of isntructions to "press 1 for..." and you are responsible for recordign all your own property descriptions.  But for my system this is a very important concept because my company does ALL the property description recordings for you.  We provide this as not only a 100% free is also a 100% turnkey system.  Simply put the simpler I make this sysstem for you to use...the more you will sue it...and I generate more leads for my mortgage company.  (This is just one example of what I mean when I say that I am jsut as interested in this system generating leads as you are.)

During the call the caller is told they can simply say, "transfer me," to hear more about the house or to arrange to see it.  They can also say, "financing" to hear about financing options.  Again I have tried to make the system very conversational in nature.  Teh caller does not have to press buttons or wonder thru menues.  Even when the system cannot understand the caller and cannot contiue it maintains a conversational format.  If it cannot find a property code the tour guide tells the caller that it may not have been loaded into the system yet (this should NEVER happen in reality) and suggests that the caller check to be sure they have entered the correct code.  He then asks if the caller wants to tell him another property code.  If the caller says, "no," (or many variations of "no") the tour guide applogizes for not being able to help and tells the caller he will ahve someonc contact them soon at ____ (the number they are calling from).  Because my system uses the most advanced number identification system available it almost always knows the caller's number--evne if they have specifically blocked it or it is an unlisted or unpublished number.

As a broker I can provide you with detailed information about each call.  This informaiton includes information about call transfers including if the agent accepted or rejected the call or did not answer.   Each property code can be set up individually directing the call transfers to different people (or for larger offices to a call que) and geneating email messages to one or more different email addresses.  In addition each property code cna be identified as an agent listing or a FSBO listign so that you can use it to market to FSBOs.  If the listing is marked as a FSBO property the tour guide asks if the caller wants to be transfered to the OWNER.  If it is an agent listing he asks if the caller wants to be transfered to the AGENT.  The multiple email addresses allow you to receive duplicate copies of call info for FSBO properties so that you have access to the leads generated by them.  (Remember that the system identifies that the service is being provided by YOU and my mortgage company giving us an exemption form the DNC regs.) 


Real estate marketing company providing 100% free toll free property info system to real estate agents and brokers. Get 300% to 800% INCREASE in leads and close 90% of listing presentations for FREE!