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Sean Scullion
Call me - Excellent Negotiator & Contract Analyzer
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I'm a JD/MBA graduate with a background in mortgage as I formerly was a loan agent. I can cover more areas and help clients better understand complex issues due to my educational & experiential background. I love to play sports (anything!), hanging out with my 16 month old son Vincent, and being of service to the community.

Dave Hill
"Sean has strong business instincts which allow him to see opportunities and risks a normal realtor does not see."
Emily C.
"I have worked in the mortgage industry for over seven years as a Broker's Assistant and then moved onto the Legal side of things and I have to say that Sean Scullion never failed to impress me with his genuine invested interest in each of his clients. It was more than just a business transaction to him, he wanted to make sure that ANYONE he came in contact with was treated with respect and dignity. Sean was obviously well versed in the process of things and was always able to negotiate the best deal possible for his clients but he did so in a way that made every person attached to the transaction feel heard and respected. From a bystander, who simply saw a lot of transactions but never had a vested personal interest, I would highly recommend Mr. Scullion, he has an exceptional ability to communicate well with people and the intelligence and skill to back up how personable he is. When it comes to Realtors, he's in a class all by himself."
Brian S.
"I would recommend Sean Scullion to anybody looking for a realtor who is willing to treat you like family. He is young, motivated, personable, and professional all rolled up into one. He definitely puts your best interest at the top of the list. I wish you all the best of luck in your house hunting, but remember the name Sean Scullion, he'll treat you like family."
Derek Chantler, Real Estate Attorney
"Although I am not a client of Sean's I have had cause to deal with him in a professional capacity and I would strongly recommend him to any prospective client or customer. In my law practice I deal with realtors and agents almost every day. Sean exhibits all the qualities that I wish all real estate professionals would show. Sean has a real drive to serve his clients to the best of his ability and a real attention to detail that is critical when trying to guide a client through the complicated and confusing mountain of documents that are involved in a real estate transaction. I cannot comment Sean's professionalism and commitment highly enough. I wish every real estate professional I deal with was competent, driven and dedicated to his or her clients as Sean."
Linda G.
"I would highly recommend Sean Scullion to anyone that is considering either buying or selling Real Estate. Sean's attention to every detail and his willingness to go the extra mile sets him apart from most. He's genuine and hardworking attitude helps in his negotiating abilities and gives him the edge. Sean will take excellent care of anyone that he works with."
Scott Haneda
"Sean was recommended to me through a friend. Though that friend did not have experience working with Sean, I met with him and am glad I did. He answered all my first time buyer questions and set me at ease on some other issue. Sean is also on top of his tech. If you are tired of faxing 200 page documents back and forth, and want someone who knows how to do e-signed pdf files, and uses email / text rather that a timely phone call for a quick question — Sean is your guy. Though if you want to be as in person and face to face as you feel comfortable, and want to carrier pidgin your papers to Sean, I'm certain he will be able to accommodate you."
"Sean is a knowledgable broker willing and able to meet all challenges. He got the highest price ever for my partner in her emerging neighborhood in SF."
Peter Mason
"Sean helped me considerably in my search for a rental for several friends of mine. As a result of his efforts we were able to get them settled. He did a lot of searching and he took us to several places all at our convenience. You can't ask for more than that."
Valerie Coughlin
"Sean Scullion has been helping us with our search for our new house and I can certainly recommend him. He is reliable, hard working and dedicated to finding the right match based on the criteria he was given. He really cares about his clients and is also very respectful."
Kevin Williams
"Sean is an excellent agent...and person! We luckily found him online, and he was persistent in reaching out to us, keeping us informed of what was going on with the market, sending us listings that matched our criteria daily, and spending countless hours driving to houses until we finally landed our dream home. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who wants a knowledgeable, informative, helpful, and genuinely honest/nice real estate agent!"
"Sean is a sincere and intelligent person, and he is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend him."
Krista Hulands
"I met Sean whilst in the process of looking for land in Marin. Sean was extremely helpful in this arduous search and made himself available whenever I needed help. Buying land versus buying a house requires a lot more knowledge and tenacity, both of which sean provided. Thank you Sean, I am now in the process of building my dream home!"
Gwendolyn (Wendy) Giblin
"I can't speak highly enough about Sean. In my class, he came up with creative and innovative ideas that had never occurred to me -- I actually learned quite a bit from him. In addition, Sean was extremely supportive and encouraging of his classmates. He demonstrated a true desire for them to succeed right along with him. Sean was great at asking questions that stimulated discussion or helped someone else articulate his/her thoughts. And, on top of that, he is just a great person. He has an extremely bright future ahead of him."
Diane Nguyen
I've had the pleasure of being in several classes with Sean. He has always been a valuable resource as a colleague and I would be grateful to work with him to find or sell a home in the future."
Catherine Delcin
"Sean has an amazing knack for learning...I observed his determination and dedication to make abstract legal theories comprehensive. I am convinced that his adaptability and dedication will serve him well in helping clients buy and sell homes, or in any path he chooses."
Rebecca Luchok-Charlson
"During my time at the WERC, Sean sat at the desk directly next to me allowing me to be privy to his work ethic, research styles, and his phone interviews and conversations with clients. I can honestly say that Sean is one of the hardest working people I have ever worked with. He was constantly going above and beyond both in time invested as well as a deep level of concern for the work. He takes care to solicit feed-back on his work from both supervisors and co-workers, to always make sure he is producing the absolute best possible product for his client as well as learn as much as possible in the brief time we were afforded at the clinic. He was personable, helpful, and kind; truly a pleasure to be around. I think he will be a fantastic addition both personally and professionally at any place of employment. The real estate industry doesn't know what it is in for with Sean driving the wheel."
Moosa Suleman
" have and have had classes with Sean throughout my time as a student at Golden Gate University School of Law and have seen him excel in each of those classes. He is a determined and motivated student that puts in a great deal of effort to do well in each class. In addition, he has a great understanding of the legal subject matter being taught and is consistently engaging in the material through class room discussions. It is apparent that Sean is always prepared and takes pride in his work. Because of this, I believe Sean would do well in any professional capacity. Furthermore, he has a great personality and seems to build really positive relationships with the people he comes into contact with. He will be my realtor when I'm ready to make my first home purchase!"
Elisabetta Fabiani
"Sean has so many great abilities is is hard to decide where to start! One thing that I can promise is that when Sean is given a task he will work as hard as humanly possible to complete it. Working with Sean at the clinic was a pleasure. He worked long hours and completed above and beyond what was required of him. He is diligent and kind, always on time and ALWAYS prepared. If you have a position that needs to be filled Sean will not let you down. Most importantly every task that Sean completes, he does with a great deal of compassion and dedication. He has the important skills thats can not be taught. It was a pleasure to work with him. You'll be lucky to have him as your real estate agent, he will fight for you and get you the best deal on your terms!"
Alisha Buckman
"Sean goes above and beyond his responsibilities. He is reliable and fun to work with. I couldn't recommend anyone else to help you find or sell a home!"
Paul Cohen
"Sean demonstrated great passion, motivation and discipline in serving our clients. His work ethic and skill was without parallel. He continues to volunteer at clinics and events because he asks for the opportunity. You cannot ask for a better colleague or realtor at your side."
Louis Ngo
"Sean is a hardworking person, who is always punctual. He strives for perfection, and when he runs into an issue, he immediately jumps into action and does the necessary research to resolve that issue. I enjoyed working with Sean, and would recommend him both as a real estate agent and as a person."
James Upp
"I first met Sean in a week long prep course a few weeks before we began our first year of law school at Golden Gate. I was immediately impressed with his down to earth and genuinely kind demeanor. I have since found him to be a passionate, committed individual who works hard to get the best results possible. Sean is one of those rare individuals who truly cares about others and is not always trying to put himself ahead of the team. As I also am a real estate agent in a different region, I know that Sean's skill-set serves his clients in an exemplary manner"
Megan Yip
"Sean did great work for our clients at Legal Aid of Marin. Sean was good at issue spotting and always considered the practical ramifications of legal decisions and possible legal choices when analyzing a situation. I was impressed that Sean was often willing to work on projects that deterred others, including projects that involved difficult math computations or very detail oriented research. I can only imagine how he influences his clients' lives through his hard work and diligence."
Payam Saljoughian
"I was privileged to be in the same section as Sean during our first year of law school. Sean is one of the most meticulous and thorough people that I have ever met. His ability to put hours and hours into studying and research was amazing. He has a great work ethic, and it reflected his grades. He is very approachable and is a great person to be around. He was always willing to help, but at the same time very open to suggestions. I have no doubt that Sean puts forth the same determination and hard work in finding his clients homes to purchase, or in helping other clients market their home to sell quickly and at top dollar. He always is willing to put in lots of effort, but is enjoyable to be around at the same time."
Sean Stewart
"Sean would be a great asset to any company. He is very personable and outgoing with everyone. He has a drive to compete and succeed in everything. Sean is always studying and wanted to learn new things. In this industry, it is very important to have a person who you can trust and count on to deliver great service. Sean is that person."
Chris Eby
" had the pleasure of studying with Mr. Scullion during our first year of law school at Golden Gate University. Sean is incredibly hardworking and intellectually curious. He is incredibly supportive classmate. At every point during the year, he was both professional and kind. Mr. Scullion put forth a lot of effort to help other students and make the experience collaborative and enjoyable. In the classroom, he stood out for his insightful comments and extraordinary ability to relate his own real world experiences to the subject matter. I give Mr. Scullion my highest recommendation; I believe that he would be a valuable asset to any client looking to buy or sell property. Specifically, his strong work ethic and amazing character demonstrate that he is the type of person who will produce high quality work, help others, and make any work environment more enjoyable."
Jeff Farr
"Of all the students I worked with in my capacity as a teaching assistant for Contract Law I & II over a two year span, Sean exhibited the most voracious appetite for ensuring that he understood the nuance of contracts law. We met multiple times outside of class and he always displayed excellent comprehension of the material and commitment to acquiring a deeper understanding of the law surrounding contracts issues. With this enduring flame and drive, he would be the first person I turn to or refer out when looking to purchase or sell real estate!"

Most dedicated Realtor, background & degree in Law (JD) and in business administration (MBA), allowing my clients to have an agent that's the best negotiator, contract writer, & marketer in Marin!