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Get to Know Sonny Kwan

Since 1989, Sonny Kwan has been advising and educating Washington State home buyers in the delicate art of investing and making money in the Real Estate market. Understanding what makes a market tick, what makes certain properties more valuable than others, and spending real face to face time with buyers and sellers is key to eliminating fear from the Real Estate equation. In a recent interview, Sonny reminds his clients that, “education is power.” Clear expectation setting is the key to setting appropriate boundaries across the board. 

Creative financing solutions and out of the box thinking are critical when trying to establish harmony in a normally high stress negotiation. “It doesn’t have to be that way” states Sonny. He continues, “there are answers to almost every problem, you just have to be willing to look for them.”
Having come from a blue collar background himself, Sonny understands that the relationship between sellers and their homes isn’t just a financial one. 

“Real emotions are part of every discussion I have with my clients.” Sonny’s empathy and true compassion for this emotional relationship to property and ownership is what sets Sonny Kwan apart from other agents in his field. 

This compassion isn’t just lip service either. On any given Saturday or Sunday morning, Sonny can be found either meeting with a client face to face or taking calls from first time home buyers needing a little peace of mind. 

So how does he do it in such a tumultuous financial climate? “Humor,” he happily responds. While some agents are afraid of the market, Sonny tackles it head on with a positive and oftentimes fun loving attitude. That probably speaks to the scores of clients that have remained with Sonny over the years. Sonny’s overall likeability makes him relatable not only to his clients but to a vast network of industry professionals who are able to influence the timeline & quality of the purchases and sales Sonny is responsible for. What does that mean? It means that Sonny has staying power as ethics are his motivator. 

“Relationship building is why I got into this business. Without ethical standards and codes of conduct and a genuine desire to educate the consumer, our industry would never survive,” he says. A refreshing viewpoint from an industry legend!


I acquired my first property when I just turned 23 after a close friend told me that all the worlds wealth came from owning property. That statement stuck to my head forever.

With help from family and working three jobs, I bought a 2 bedroom condo in Seattle, I could have bought a place a lot less expensive in another area, but I remembered, location, location, location. A few years past and I wanted to become a landlord like all my wealthy friends were doing. I sold the condo thinking I could sell it myself, FSBO it's referred to. I now realize I lost money doing that. I got my real estate license and started to buy, sell and invest for myself and my friends. That 2 bedroom condo turned into what is now 33 rental units today.

In 1993, I advised a friend who worked as a waiter to buy a home in the central district of Seattle, a moderately rough area at the time with huge potential for $35,000. It was a big investment at the time and with help of creative financing, a credit card for the down payment, he became a homeowner. He still owns it today and that very property is worth $660,000.

I grew up in a blue collar working class family and saved for everything I own, nothing is thrown away without thought of how it was acquired. I respect money and hard work. I acknowledge that if I can be where I am today, then I must help others get here too.


Since 1989, Sonny Kwan has been advising and educating Washington State home buyers in the delicate art of investing and making money in the Real Estate market...