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BanCorp Real Estate Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Irvine Holding Company. As the President and elected C.E.O. of Irvine Holding Co. I founded BanCorp Realty | Universal Bancorp in 1995 and oversee and facilitate a balanced and healthy work environment that real estate professionals are able to thrive in. Through proprietary insight as well as extensive knowledge of the; Real Estate Industry, Debt and Equity Markets, as well as the Banking and Financial Services Sector – I create a cutting edge vision of how a successful Real Estate Company interacts within a complex Orange County Real Estate Market. 

At BanCorp we understand that we miss out on 100% of the opportunities we might have had because of the risk we didn't take. If we are prepared as a company to put every ounce of energy into the California real estate market in a shared purpose-driven effort, willing to do what it takes, it is not a risk! We just have to figure out how to get there: At BanCorp REG, there is always a way to get there! BanCorp is willing to take calculated market risk and accept corporate corresponding relative losses as a trade-off for positioning our client for a potential larger net gain and/or easier and faster transaction directly benefiting our client.



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I'm always doing things that I don't know how to do so that I can learn how to do them...