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George Lambert
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Get to Know George Lambert

My name is George Lambert and I am owner/broker of SmartBuyersLtd, an exclusive buyers' agency. I have been in construction and real estate for over forty-five years and I come from four generations of construction craftsmen. I've learned a lot which inures to the buyers' benefit. I wasn't selling vacuum cleaners or used cars last month. Real estate and construction is what I do and what I've always done. I also owned and managed several dozen units of rental housing for two decades. I know investment property from experience-not from books and TV shows. Also in the arena of buyer advocacy, I do home inspections, TitleV inspections, construction and real estate consulting and expert testimony in construction related matters. At SmartBuyersLtd we represent people, not houses.


At Smartbuyers Ltd, we DO NOT:

accept listings accept referral fees work for sellers sell insurance do bookkeeping do tax work build houses develop land manage rental property broker mortgages

We do one thing and we do it right. We work for buyers. That means we work for you!


Smartbuyers Ltd is an exclusive buyers' agency. There is no conflict in our endeavours nor ambiguity in our mission Our sole intention is to represent and advocate for buyers.