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Sharon Findley-Tussy
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Century 21 Real Estate
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Pat and Susan
Sharon was very kind, knowledgeable and helpful. Every question or process was handled quickly and efficiently. Sharon is a great agent and an asset to Century 21. She knows the community and how to fit clients to the right property.
Michael and Gina
Thank you Sharon for a wonderful experience! We're already using and loving our home, which is fulfilling a dream come true to be owning the house we've loved and rented for six years. Your accessibility and approach to getting this done quickly and efficiently made it all the more enjoyable. You were always there for questions and helpful hints along the way. We couldn't have asked for anything more.
Melinda and Greg
Sharon Findley-Tussy is all that when it comes to a trustworthy, understanding, patient resourceful realtor. It's hard to find such a true person to help in finding your next home. We were honored to have her. I went through several bad realtors before we found her. What a gem!! I would recommend her to anyone looking for an honest hardworking & smart "buyers" realtor!!
John and Stephania
Sharon is the best! We were not originally planning on purchasing property until next year and were "just looking" when our dream property in Angels Camp suddenly appeared for an unreal asking price. As a result, we just weren't prepared information-wise to make an offer and ask intelligent questions about the property, especially since this was a bank-owned lot, but we wanted to move forward on an offer anyway. Sharon responded to our email immediately and on extremely short notice acted as our buyer's agent in the process. She let us know what information we needed to make a good decision on buying the property, and connected us with local businesses and agencies to get those questions answered. She even helped us with the sillier questions we had, without judgment! As a result we felt really good moving forward with the purchase, that the potential "red flags" were addressed. She worked with the seller's agent and put together an offer, handling so much of the necessary communications that we just didn't have the time or know-how to do. We had a LOT of issues with our financing option, which led to a long-extended closing--almost 90 days--and nearly losing the property (hint: please avoid businesses that start with "US" and end with "Bank"). A truly awful process, but Sharon helped us with communications and requirements that kept coming up with a very level head (more than I can say for my own composure at the time). Ultimately we didn't need to use the bank, and thanks to Sharon's guidance and negotiation skills we were finally able to close on the dream property last week. We seriously wouldn't have been able to get through this process without Sharon's help--too many fast-moving parts for us to stay on top of at this point in our careers. But even if you have lots of time on your hands, we highly recommend anyone to go to Sharon if you're looking for a home. With all of her connections, resources, enthusiasm, and willingness to push forward to get you onto that dream property, you just can't beat having Sharon on your team. Thank you Sharon!