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Setup to Sell is a full service Home Staging and Interior Redesign company. We have recently re-located to  Mooresville, NC.  

Hello, my name is Wendy Jorgensen and I am the founder of Setup to Sell. I am dedicated to educating home sellers, realtor's, builders and lenders on the great benefits and financial payoff that Home Staging produces.  I have extensive training and I am Certified through HSR (Home Staging Resource).  I am also a member of the ASHSR (American Society of Home Stagers and Redesigners).  

I have over 16 years of working knowledge in the residential construction industry.  Home Staging is second nature thanks to the interior designs I've created for numerous model homes.  I pride myself on transforming every home into a buyers "must have" product and specialize in innovative ideas to meet every budget and time frame.  Realtor's in the area are definitely recognizing the company name and are quickly learning the advantages of a Partnership with a Certified Professional Home Stager. 


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"First Impression" It can either connect to a buyers emotions or turn them off.  What does your home tell potential buyers when they look at your on-line MLS listing photos? Did you know that an average of 85% of potential home buyers surveyed said they research the internet prior to calling an agent to look at a home.  Your listing photos are the first thing that most buyers see when looking for a new home.  When you hire a Professional Home Stager you are setting your product above the competition. The transformation created by Home Stagers result in beautiful emotionally engaging photos for you and your realtor to use with your marketing plan.



 Home Staging is as important to a home seller as a home inspector is to a home buyer.  By preparing your most valuable asset you will appeal to a larger buyer target which will result in a faster sale.  According to recent surveys, 94% of Professionally Staged homes sell within the first 35 days of listing. The additional benefit is the cost of staging a home can have an approximate return of 300% on your investment.  So the question is, "why wouldn't you stage your home" before you have photos taken for the public to view?

Most people have a hard time being objective about how their home looks to others. You live there and it's your space to do with as you wish.  However, as soon as you list your home for sale it becomes a product and like any other product it must be marketed to its full potential in order to appeal to the largest target buyer.  The dining room that you painted dark blue maybe your choice of color but you've just limited your potential buyers to those that also like your taste.  Professional Home Stagers know what appeals to the majority and can look at your home with "buyers eyes" to determine what needs to be changed, removed and focused on.

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HSR Certified - ASHSR Member