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Get to Know Don Barrett

The Barretts own Integrity Real Estate Services.  They are located at 118 SE Ave N, Idabel, OK. 74745  The name of their company says it all!  It's about integrity and providing service to their clients and customers. They provide real estate services that their clients can trust.

Don and his wife, Judi, have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren.  They are of the Christian faith and believe in living it every day. You  can expect fair and honest treatment from the Integrity Real Estate  office. Don and Judi's farm was an Environmental Award Tyson Foods Farm in 2000.  Only 5 farms are selected out of 7500 farms.  The following year, Don and Judi were asked to help the Tyson team select the 2001 award winners.  The family farm that they live on has been in the family since 1944. They understand being a part of something much bigger than they are.  They understand having roots in an area.  They love the rural farm life.

Don and Judi Barrett are passionate about their part of the country, Southeast Oklahoma, McCurtain County, Idabel is home.    "We have wonderful people here and a beautiful area to call  home."   


They are also passionate about Lake Raymond Gary.  They have been going to that little lake for 30 years.  It has been wonderful to own a part of the shoreline there and they enjoy helping their clients find their own place on Lake Raymond Gary at Fort Towson, Oklahoma in Choctaw County.

The areas that the Barretts work in are McCurtain County and east Choctaw County. Their office has had great success  because they  work hard and treat people right.

 Some of the recreational areas that Integrity Real Estate Services  has developed specialized marketing in:  Raymond Gary Lake, Pine Creek Lake, and Hugo Lake. 


Their office enjoys selling Southeast Oklahoma because it's so beautiful and has such varied topographies. Some of the towns and cities that they  work in are Idabel,  Lukfata, Holly Creek, Haworth, Redland, Goodwater, Valliant, Garvin, Millerton, Fort Towson, Swink, Sawyer, and Hugo.  If you are wanting to buy or sell in these areas, call or email Judi for fast, fair, and friendly service. Of if you're an agent, Judi  does referrals both ways and do our best to take care of our clients.

They specialize in residences in the Idabel Oklahoma area and  farm/rural properties, country homes on acreage and waterfront properties at Lake Raymond Gary.  The Barretts live on a farm and they  own waterfront property at Lake Raymond Gary so they are very familiar with these two types of properties and know how to market them.  They also market residential properties, commercial locations, businesses of varied natures, vacant land, and other recreational property.   If you're looking for any of these in our area, especially waterfront at Lake Raymond Gary, them a call r at Integrity Real Estate Services a call.

Feel confident that when you send your referrals to their  office that they will be taken care of. Integrity Real Estate Services  answers to a higher authority. Rest assured that Judi will also update you on a regular basis, after accepting a referral from you.

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Life in Southeast Oklahoma is GREAT! If you're looking for a home or land in my part of the country, give us  a call: Integrity Real Estate Services, 580-212-5946

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From the time that Integrity Real Estate Services takes a listing until the day the transaction closes (and past then), Integrity Real Estate Services is right there with you working to make everything to smoothly.

For details on selling visit the 8 part series of posts that starts here on selling your home

Don and Judi work together.  She has been blogging longer than Don has so read Judi's blog posts on various birds found in Oklahoma.  Scan through the posts and you will find several about the local birds.

To find the nearest airports to Southeast Oklahoma, read this post.

Various posts about DV Fennell and his rodeo career can be found in Judi's blog and at DV's blog.

Every week-end, Judi does a post entitled, Tell Me Something Good That Happened To You This Week.  Reading it and the comments will sure lift you up and create some positive aura around you.

The next sections talk about what we're good at and what our clients have to say about us.

There is no better advertisement than word of mouth.  We appreciate you coming by the Life in Southeast Oklahoma Blog.  We hope you will stay and awhile and look things over.





Don has a B.S. in Chemistry from Southeastern Oklahoma State University.  Judi has a B.S. in Education from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, OKlahoma. They like people and enjoy  helping them get what they want in the way of real estate.  It is very satisfying to help someone sell the house that they need to sell or help someone else find just the right home for their family.  Sometimes it's someone needing or wanting a commercial property to make a living with.  Whatever it is, we enjoy the working with people aspect of it. 

We enjoy selling Idabel Oklahoma homes.  Don and Judi stay busy in Idabel.  Their office also enjoys working with recreational land homes in Southeast Oklahoma, especially homes and land around Lake Raymond Gary in Choctaw County, and properties around Hugo Lake (Hugo, Ok)  and Pine Creek Lake (Valliant, Ok).  Integrity Real Estate Services Agents work really hard to be "THE BROKER" in this area. Lake Raymond Gary is the small lake in Southeast Oklahoma where you can actually own the shoreline We have sold many properties around Lake Raymond Gary.

We work hard at and enjoy working with residential, vacant land, and commercial properties in McCurtain County and  Eastern Choctaw County.  Our work ethic brings good things to our clients. We live on a farm and we enjoy helping others find their rural home.  Our farm is only about 2 miles outside the city limits of Idabel so we know the town and the area well.  We enjoy selling homes in Idabel AND helping people find a home in Idabel. I guess when you sum it all up, we enjoy each and every area that we work because it's about the people and some of the finest people in the world are right here in Southeast Oklahoma.

Feel free to ask any of our clients about the service that they received while we were working for them.

Areas that we serve:





Fort Towson



Hugo Lake

Pine Creek Lake

Raymond Gary Lake

Rural Homes on acreages between 2 and 10.

Farms and Ranches (we live on one).

Not only can we sell you the land but can help you with information on where to buy the things to get your farm or ranch up and running.  Call or email us for help with your real estate needs.

We specialize in Internet Marketing.  It is our desire to dominate in online marketing for our listings.  With various domains (32) that we own, along with websites that specialize in certain kinds of property that we pay to be on, plus using websites such as Zillow, Home Gain, Yahoo Real Estate, Lands of America, Landwatch, and other specialized places, we have your property "all over" the Internet.  We have sold world-wide to people in various locations around the globe.

Some clients have been able to purchase waterfront here while being stationed in Baghdad, Korea, etc.  Some have bought sight unseen and still have not viewed their property after three years,  They had friends meet me at the property and view.  That along with videos and lots of pictures,,, did I say lots of pictures???

We'd love to have you move to our area. Come for a visit, you may decide to stay.



Don is managing broker at Integrity Real Estate Services. He & Judi Barrett own Integrity Real Estate Services. Chassy Eastep is an agent with their office. Together they bring you great service.