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The best way to get better rankings in Google, usually, is to stop doing whatever you've been told to do. Many so called SEO "techniques" are nothing more than the SEO guy (or gal) trying to be smarter than the Googlebot. For example, there was a trend, for quite a while-- to put important words in bold type-- that way, you could tell the search engines, that "Hey! This is important! Make me number one for this phrase, because I bolded it!"

Really, that's just silly. 

Pretend, for a moment, that you're an algorithm programmer at Google. And, not as a programmer, but just as a human being-- you are out surfing and you see a so-called SEO consultant repeating "Arizona SEO Expert" over and over and putting it in bold, or assigning it an H1 tag...or adding emphasis (italics). Whatever.

How soon before you fixed that, if you worked for Google? Maybe first thing the next morning, right? 

Do you think that would be hard to spot? It's easy to spot with the human eye, and it's much easier to spot with an algorithm. If you have a so-called SEO expert using "tricks" like this, you might as well save yourself some money. He or she is clueless.

SEO Needs To Be Approached With Logic, Because Google is Logical

You've heard of a flow chart. Before computer programmers ever spend a single minute programming something, they draw a flow chart. You figure the logic of the program before you ever write a single line of code, then you dig in.

When presented with any SEO expertise, ask yourself this simple question:

Does it make logical sense that this would help me in the search engine? In other words, am I adding real value to my website or not? (And in some cases, even though you are adding value, it won't help you. But that's another issue.)

In other words, if I told you: "Your site is too keyword heavy. Your keyword density is too high! Search engines look for unnaturally stuffed pages."

That would fly right in the face of what some SEO professionals would say. Many people believe the ideal keyword ratio is 6% - 7%. I am not one of those people. 

Because if that's the SEO standard, then Google knows about it too. And if your website has every page every page at a perfectly stuffed 7% for the desired phrase... Well, a computer analyzing your website would spot that right away.

The amazing thing is that many people use tools to help maximize their keyword stuffing (but keeping it below 7% of course) without even thinking that perhaps the search engine algorithm also looks at those perfectly unnatural densities also. Do you think that's possible?



If you want to do well in Google, the importance of being actively engaged with Google itself cannot be stressed enough. Many people say "SEO is dead"- which is just ridiculous and illogical. SEO tricks are dead, as far as I'm concerned anyway. And black hat SEO is mostly dead, but will always have some life to it.

But the easiest way to impress this particular search engine, and improve your rankings overnight, is to take part in their social network and be actively involved. In other words, set up a Google+ site, start contributing original useful articles and tie them in to your profile and you're well on your way to success.


If you are looking for a social media expert in Arizona, look no further.

Recently, about a month ago, I was hired to do the SEO work on a political spoof website. Because politics are such a divisive issue in this country, I would  rather not promote the website here.

However, I was asked to do a job and get ranked for a certain phrase. This particular phrase is immensely popular and is related to one of the two candidates in the 2012 political election. I was hired on July 5th. I registered a fitting domain name, set up a quick site, added some good content-- and that website, 17 days later, is number 16 in Google. It is actually jockeying position with major news networks. Soon, it will be on page one, along with the candidate's own website, which will be very valuable to my client.

I used Facebook exclusively to market this website. I created a matching Facebook page, and spent $10 per day advertising to our target market. The target market "Liked" our page, continued to the website to finish reading the article, and many of them "liked" the article as well. 

To date, we have spent only $64.12 and we have 746 fans. We paid for 250 of them via FaceBook ads (that's the $64), and the other 500 came "virally." Because of all this action surrounding the domain, we have just outranked Time magazine for information about this presidential candidate.


YouTube is full of junk. We all know that. In another effort to "trick" the Search Engines, people make lots of crappy videos-- worthless to anyone-- but they think that will help their SEO. Have you seen the videos that are basically a PowerPoint presentation? Ugh. Or maybe a lawyer or mortgage broker, stiff as a board, talking about interest rates? They have maybe four views and no comments and the search engines care even less than the humans who don't watch those videos.

This will not help you; so save yourself some time!

But there is a way to use YouTube for tremendous search engine results, but like most things, it needs to be done honestly and with a purpose, other than keyword stuffing "Arizona SEO Expert" into a ton of videos nobody will ever watch. In fact, most of my YouTube videos are "unlisted"-- meaning you can't find them in Google.


Michael George is a an SEO expert who can help you with your Google places or local search results.