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Ray Stockwell, Director of Marketing  (ZipperAgent) Real Estate Technology



Ray Stockwell
Director of Marketing
location_on Boston, MA — ZipperAgent
Get to Know Ray Stockwell

The Fun

The legendary Bobby Orr once told me that if your job is not fun QUIT. The day that helping you sell your place or helping you find your own place in Boston is no longer fun I will quit. I mean what could be more fun as a career than helping you find your home? People enjoy working with someone who loves what they do. Helping people is a great pleasure in Real Estate.

The Work

Boston has 20 diverse neighborhoods, little enclaves in each of those neighborhoods and dozens of surrounding smaller cities and townships. The Boston Metropolitan Area is rich in cultural diversity, residents of the Greater Boston area have the opportunity to taste, touch, and experience things from all over the world. In Jamaica Plain alone their are 86 languages in daily use. Knowing the the unique character and charm of each region isn’t easy. Finding a special well-valued property or being able to present your property to buyers in the most appropriate way is an asset to people that they appreciate.

The Experience

Early in my professional career I worked for a man that I still consider the most intellectual man I have ever worked for. That was over 30 years ago and I can still hear him saying, “I don’t know, let’s go find out”. As a professional real estate agent neither I nor any other agent has all the answers all the time. I will provide you exceptional counseling, knowledge and technical know-how throughout the task of buying, selling or leasing a home. This helps everyone. I can educate you on the buying, selling and leasing process ensuring that I keep you well informed at every step of the way. If I do not know the answer, I will say “I don’t know, let’s go find out.” That way we will both know. I want to be your agent.

Call or email me today to get started buying, selling or, leasing your place in Boston.



The Education

My Father firmly believed that the day he did not learn something new was the day he would die. Every day I seek out something new to learn about real estate. Even 30 plus years of sales experience alone is not enough! To keep sharp and to give my clients the service they deserve and the knowledge they need I simply have to keep learning. Would you want and agent working for you that did not be I believe that I must constantly reinvest in my career else risk loosing the loyalty of you, my clients. I attended ERA’s eight-week Top Gun Academy where Sales Associates were given the tools and confidence needed to better assist consumers with their real estate needs. Graduated The American School of Mortgage Banking and am a certified mortgage originator working part time with Able Funding.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life,
and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.
And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

I love what I do. – Ray Stockwell



Areas of Expertise

Ensuring sellers that their homes receive the utmost in market exposure to both local and out of town buyers.
Assisting buyers and rents to receive the best value they can reasonable expect.

Celia Elise
I have had a wonderful experience working with Ray. I am the kind of person, that does my own research, because I don't trust people to be honest. But I did not have time to research, and I was not convinced I was ready to settle anyway. But I found a fully furnished loft in the exact area I would want for my immediate needs. On a whim, I called the attached number and got RAY! So glad I did. He made everything smooth, with out pressure, I ended up needing to move in sooner than I planned, Ray did the research I would have done for me. Worked out all the details, answered all questions and did so in a way that I felt respected and convinced that working with anyone else would have been a waste of time. I plan to work with Ray again in the future. Thanks, Ray
P Stone
RAY WAS VERY PROFESSIONAL, KIND AND PATIENT.Ray was very professional, kind and patient. After it was all over I felt I had made a friend. I greatly appreciate everything Ray did.

Married 30 years to a wonderful woman. Two children, a great son in law (fishing buddy). Former Board member of the JPNDC, and the Boston Arts Academy. Ward 10 Democractic Committee member.