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Any truly authentic and successful business person knows that the focus should be on the experience of the customer. Have you experienced truly outstanding customer service lately? Would you like to have a positive real estate experience made unforgettable by a knowledgeable real estate broker who became your guide to what is possible? We thought you might.

Welcome to Realty Results, a real estate experience that is about you and your needs. Persisting forward on behalf of the people we represent in real estate transactions has allowed Results Realty brokers to build business almost solely by referral. You won't see us on billboards or in the newspaper but out working hard for our clients.

Ultimately what you will find is that there simply is another kind of broker, Results Realty professionals are adept in negotiating, research, marketing, technology, collaboration with other real estate agents, and pricing to get excellent results. We know it all begins with you. The questions is:  What do you need as far as housing to support your lifestyle and financial goals?

Results Realty collectively has decades of real estate experience working in Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, Philomath, Salem and throughout the Willamette Valley. That expertise along with the caring approach typical of Results Realty brokers will be put to work for you, no matter what your real estate needs.

You know that it is in your best interest to not waste time while allowing a seasoned professional to manage your real estate transaction. Be affiliated with us, a small company with a great reputation. Have more time to carry on with life and let us show you how good we are at handling legwork and making the process a good one for you. It is important that you be assured on these points as you decide on a broker to work with and to trust. Realty Results, you can count on it.




 You may be a buyer familiar with the home buying process but inclined to have a different service experience than you had last time. Perhaps you are relocating to the area and need some special support and guidance to settle in. Or maybe this is your first time buying a home and you wonder if it is even possible for you. You wonder where to begin. Perhaps you are an investor looking for the best buys in a particular area. We can help all of you systematically and with understanding. Sometimes a client will get the feeling that what they are looking for just is not out there or is not possible. That may be the case, but why not have a good look around before deciding?

On the other hand, you may be a seller looking for a broker who understands your needs and is willing to listen. You may need additional help or reassurance through the process, or maybe you want charts, data, and all your questions answered capably. The ability and balance are there to help all of you, and we will enjoy doing so. This is a fun and important business to be in, and we love helping our clients. Why not choose a professional who will truly work for you, listen to you, give you a comfortable real estate experience characterized by uncompromising approachability, problem solving and relevant marketing based on what is working now.




Our strengths include going TO clients, using technology effectively when needed, truly caring about clients' needs and solving problems creatively. Licensed in the state of Oregon