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Pearl Ahlquist-Ruby
Real Estate Consultant.
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My name is Pearl Ahlquist I have been in active Realtor for over 25 years, my passion for people and their welfare is what keeps me going, Thank You for allowing me this opportunity to introduce myself.   

I can relate to the home sellers of today because I faced simular adversity early in my own life.  My dreams were the same as many of the clients of today. 

In 1992 I was a single parent on welfare, no credit history, with a dream - I wanted to own my own home and provide for my daughter without state assistance.  I needed a plan. I decided to get my Real Estate License with the help of a very good friend of mind Marguarite Crespillo.  My parents have always been supportive and with their help I worked as a waitress in the mornings, real estate school in the afternoonand tenden bar at night although to most it seemed an impossible hurdle, I was on a mission.  I received my real estate license and began my rewarding and sucessful career in Real Estate and Lending.

It is my sincere belief that I have been successful because of my honesty, integrity, and a genuine concern for the welfare of the clients I stand for.


Over the years I have learned I have helped many people with their home buying needs, many of my clients come to me by way of referrals as I take care of all my friends and family. 

My area of specialty has to be helping people out of tight situations right now it is SHORT SALES, and credit repair, I've taken many courses in both and can honestly say I'm a certified short sales and credit specialist and these are my areas of specialties.

Pearl was great!! My house was not in good shape but she gave me her personal opinion and within 36 hours we had two cash offers. Fast closing and promise delivered. Couldn't be happier with the service Pearl provided.
Pearl is an amazing Realtor!! She has helped our Family buy our first and and since then buy and sell homes along the way. I have recommended her to all my friends and family, who have also used her and LOVED her. She has a unique way of of explaining the process, walking you through it and does everything in her power to make it happen! She really knows her business and I love that I see her passion for what she does. Along our Journey with Pearl, she has also became an amazing family friend of ours. Not only has she helped us in her professional field, but also on a personal level with her wisdom in life, her sincere advice and her gracious lending of an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. I will always be grateful and thankful for all the advice and her big, thoughtful heart she has time and time again shared with us.
Randal Ruby
Pearl is in real estate for the people not the check, she cares about her clients, she goes way above and beyond her call of duty.
Mary Jo Melton
Pearl is a personable, efficient, person who strives for perfection in what she does. Her clients are her utmost priority. She knows how to get the job done. I enjoy working with Pearl, and I will enjoy a long professional relationship with her.
Bob Velon
We have had more than one experience purchasing property with Pearl Ahlquist. She has always presented herself in a professional manner and has saved us both time and resources in our purchases. We would recommend Pearl Ahlquist to any one looking to purchase property.
Jacob Kurtz
Pearl was great to work with and hung in there throughout the particularly difficult short sale that we closed. Great agent!!
Pearl is an angel sent from heaven. She helped us with our short sale and made things easy for us every step of the way. I have heard other stories about how these sales can drag on for years, but Pearl completed ours in less than 3 months. I urge anybody that is thinking about taking this route, or if you are in need of any realty services, to call Pearl first. You can thank me later.
Michael Bertoli
I am a Lender and my experience with Pearl has been nothing short of excellent. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and I would trust any of my clients with her expertise. Michael Bertoli
We did a short sale and Pearl adeptly navigated us through a tricky process. She was responsive, knowledgable, and results oriented. She did a top notch job!!!! I would recommend her for anything in Real Estate she's your gal.
John D Mckay
Look no further for your next agent! Because of Pearls 20 plus years of active continuous experience she has the know how to save time and money through your transaction. Don't waste your time with agents with less experience. She knows all the tricks if the trade!
Pearl was a great help when selling my home in a short sale. She has knew all the ins and outs of the business. She was great to work with.
Eileen Scudder
What can I say? Pearl is great. She will help with your house buying or selling a 110%. She handles REO's and short sales. There is nothing in the real estate industry she cannot do.
Barbie Mitchell
We call pearl our lil gem, our relationship started back in 2009 after falling victim too economy,loss of employment,unable to get loan modification we were forced into a short sale vs foreclosure, Pearl thru this very difficult time walked us thru this process of giving up our home in which we worked so hard for, it's hard not to hide anything personal when you go thru a process like this so all our cards were on the table, with knowledge & professionalism she never judged us explained everything in great detail so we knew exactly what,how,why,when this was going too effect us, now almost 3 yrs later we are now able to become homeowners again & without even a 2nd thought we knew right where 2 go Pearl not only do we trust her professionally but personally,she is dedicated,determined & dependable most of all trust worthy, she saved us from the worst and we are currently working together again to create the best for our future & wouldn't,couldn't be in better hands to make our dreams come true of having a home...not just a house but a home !!!!!! If you want true dedication,professionalism,honesty & someone you can trust & count on look no further !
If you were swimming alone in the ocean, who would you want protecting you, a Guppy or a Shark? In this ocean of a real estate market anything can happen. It is nice to know that you have a competent professional watching your back all the time. Pearl is the shark you want with you on your hunt!
John D McKay
I would like to take this opportunity to share of my experiences with REO Listing Pearl Ahlquist. Pearl started working with US bank in June of 2009 She has had great success in selling our REO properties in the Sacramento and surrounding area. Most of the realtors today don't take the time or effort to answer all of their calls or respond to all of their emails, but Pearl is dedicated and enthusiastic about every aspect of her job. Pearl is experienced and very knowledgeable with more than 17 year of experience in her field of work. I have found that if she doesn't know how to do something she dedicates herself to mastering it. The passion and devotion that she has shown for working with the bank to make sure that the property gets taken care of properly has had a tremendous impact on the success of any listing she touches. Pearl has been very adamant about getting all initials and weekly reports and inspections done on time and in detail. she has been very meticulous in her Broker Price Opinions and she gives 110% on all of her listings. She makes getting the job done right a priority over just getting it done. Knowing that our properties are bring maintained by one of the few that thrive in this ever changing market , and that they are in the tireless hands of a professional that loves her work, I feel confident in Pearl's ability to service bank-owned homes and provide an excellent experience for all involved. Please feel free to call if you have any questions, Sincerely, John D McKay
Doug Jones Lender
Pearl and her team exceeded our expectations in every way on the sale of our home. Got us a much higher price than we expected!
Pearl helped us with a short sale. She listed our home & 2 hours later I got a call for a couple to view it & they made an offer right away! Pearl made the process very easy. She was forthright, honest & really knows her stuff!! She answered all our questions candidly & without hesitation. She even told the buyer's agent to Back-Off when the agent was calling me every day to ask questions - which was a no-no, but I didn't know it until I mentioned it to Pearl. I HIGHLY recommend Pearl - she's got your back :)
Steve Yerkes reviewed Pearl Ahlquist
Pearl helped us through our short sale. She was amazing, did what she said, and made it happen. Easiest thing I have ever been involved with. If you need to do a short sale, Pearl is the best in the Sacramento area! Highly recommend!!!
Ben Varakuta reviewed Pearl Ahlquist
I worked with Pearl. Great agent, committed to her clients, responsible, hard worker, knows her work very well. Keep it up Pearl!
We worked on some investor deals that did not work out. The agent seems to know many investors in the Santa Rosa/Marin County area of Northern California.
Dick Myers
A true professional and very very thorough in catching all the details in over 30 or 40 pages of a real estate contract that we now have to deal with on a daily basis. You can count on Pearl to watch your pearls. She's also a lot of fun to do business with. I would highly recommend her.
Scarlett Justice
It was wonderful working with Pearl! She is very experienced and professional! Let's do it again soon!
I was apprehensive about short-selling our home, but my first meeting with Pearl relieved most of my worry. Within a week we were choosing from a handful of potential buyers. Pearl knew which offer was most likely to come to fruition, and worked hard to make everything go as smoothly and quickly as possible. She has a fantastic network of other real-estate professionals and I could tell she is well-respected by them. She came highly-recommended to me by two co-workers and I will certainly recommend her to others.
Rosa L Hernandez
She is always in contact willing to give information on real Estate.
Adam McKahan
To whom it may concern: I recently was fortunate enough to have met and utilized Ms. Pearl Ahlquist's knowledge and abilities in the real estate market. Pearl is very helpful person offering to assist with complications that would arise with my sale and being there to answer my many questions, Pearl is also a very informed and educated individual when it comes to the special market we are in now, Pearl has the know-how and the ability to deal with the lenders and is able to move the process of selling or purchasing a home through quickly. If you are in need of a realtor Pearl is an excellent selection. Respectfully Adam McKahan
Lisa Cookie
To whom it may concern: Pearl Ahlquist and her staff worked tirelessly to short sell me home after I was laid off. She is kind and caring, and a bulldog when the going get rough. The office was always in contact with me advising along the way. Without Pearl I most likely would have lost my home in foreclosure. I cannot say enough good about her and her staff, and I give them the highest recommendations for any real estate transaction. Sincerely, Lisa A cookie
Jannet Summers
We just want to thank Pearl for Short selling our home, and for being so wonderful to work with, Selling was not something we were looking forward to , because of all the complications and hassles that inevitably arise. Buy working with her made the entire experience much easier. We thank her for her honestly, courtesy, and her kindness. Warmest regards
Victoria Kuzmenkov
You've been awesome to work with, and I appreciate your professionalism. In an industry where service and communication means everything, well, you certainly achieved both during our transaction together. There have been many times in my career where the other party has simply dropped the ball or failed to perform, however you effectively communicated with me through every step and process, an the transaction ended smoothly and uneventful. You even worked on my behalf to help close the deal.. Now that's the kind of agent we other agents love to work with! Thank you so very much! I'd would work with you again in a heartbeat.
Archimeded Mandap
Thank you for successfully selling my rental property during these tough times. I greatly appreciate your compassion, your honesty, your determination and patience and most importantly, the fact that you get the results you promise. A few months back, I was completely lost and did not know what to d with my property. I was laid off from my job and was stressed out as a result. I heard about Short Sales from other people but was not sure if this was the right option for me. Luckily you were there to explain and clarify it all for me. Your expertise and experience put me at eace and up-to-date information you provided were beneficial in helping me make the right decision. Thank you again for guiding me through the entire process and making it a stress-free-experience. To reiterate, I am very pleased with the level of service you provided and Iwish there are more real estate agents like you. It feels good to know that I have you on my side should I ever need to buy or sell a home again. Feel free to use me as a reference. Sincerely Archimedes Mandap

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