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I've been working on www.realestatenugget.com for almost a year now, and our Beta version is finished.  We have a lot more work to do, and most importantly, we need to get properties listed.  We really need your feedback and help to make this a success.  It will be a great tool for brokers.

The great thing about our site is that its FREE, it covers all types of real estate, it can be highly localized as well as national, and it doesn't require you to keep going back to it weekly to update your post.  Also, it's a great way to manage multiple listings in one place.


Whether you've got Residential Homes for Sale, Commercial Office space for rent or sale, Apartment buildings for sale or rooms for rent....www.realestatenugget.com is the site for your posts!


Listings will stay on for 60 days.  You can post 'Want to Lease' or 'Want to Buy listings', 'Private Money' leads, 'Resort properties', etc.


Another cool thing about it is that if you have numerous listings, the account feature helps you manage multiple listings.  It's actually a really helpful feature to simply manage your listings.


Bottom line, I need your help!  It would sure mean a lot to me if you posted your listings on our website.  I think you'll find that it's easier than all the other listing services to use.  This is by design!  I know it's in its infancy, but you have to start somewhere.  I believe that in a short period of time, we'll have thousands of listings on here.  It has the potential to become the most comprehensive listing service in the country because it's so easy to use and covers all property types.  We've even included WTB, WTL, Private Money, Foreclosures, Resorts, etc.


If you're adept at using Postlets, or other HTML flyer services, these will work with our website.  Simply go to the 'Post a Listing' button on our website and as you're filling in the listing form, you'll come to the description box and you'll see a small HTML icon, click on this and it will open a box in which you 'paste' the HTML code generated by Postlets or any other service.  This will post the flyer in the description box and you'll be able to view the full flyer by clicking on the Headline link to the larger page view.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 503-798-2456 or email me at matthew@realestatenugget.com.


Also, the great thing for those of you who love the SEO strategy....you're able to create links to your website in our description box.


Please, go visit www.realestatenugget.com and post your listings!


Try it out....It's FREE!  What do you have to lose?  

Thanks in advance for your help.





Facet Real Estate Investments: Boutique firm specializing in the art of real estate investing.

We deliver.

I started my company two years ago after graduating from the University of Oregon Law School.  I had an amazing two years working with a local big commercial firm.  The education and exposure I received set me up to go out on my own.  It was my time; I decided to start Facet Real Estate Investments.  I'm proud that I took the leap and went out to build my own boutique investment firm.  I'm a Salem native, proud of our town, proud of the progress, and excited for the future.  

I think that it is worth noting that I'm dedicated to serving my clients with the same creativity and ambition that I've used to develop my own business.  You truly are the lifeblood of my career.

We are experts in both Commercial/Investment and Residential real estate.  Contact us today whether you're relocating your business, needing industrial property, or looking for your starter home....we enjoy it all and bring our excitement and expertise of personal real estate investment to you!  Come interview us for your business.


-Matthew Lind





There's no denying the strength of the Oregon real estate market.  Yes, we're over built in some areas at the moment...  Yes, there are all sorts of developers upside down in investments.....  Yes, home prices have been inflated over the last two years....  and YES, people are not stopping their movement into Oregon for our awesome standard of living.  Our prices are still affordable and Oregon represents an excellent region to relocate to.  For this reason alone, the trending growth signifies future strength. 


I truly believe that this Spring and Summer will bring optimism back to our market, and activity will pick up again.


It's all about www.realestatenugget.com. This is our new full service FREE listing website which covers ALL types of real estate. We're really excited about this, but ultimately we need brokers and