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Homes in North Texas is a full service / reduced fee brokerage. We will list any home for just $795 but still provide all of the services you'd expect from any Full Service real estate company. Additionally, for our Buyer Clients, we will rebate up to 1% of the sale price of the home that they purchase through us. Don't believe it ... check us out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


And, do you want to see the impact of that statement ... list any home for just $795.  What is 3% of $500,000 ... that's right, it is $15,000. As a seller would you rather pay your listing agent $15,000 to market your home or would you rather keep $14,205 in your bank account and pay him/her just $795 to do the EXACT SAME THING.


Here is a recent (2013) real client example ...

Sold their home for $679,900 and they paid me just $795 in commission (listing side). I saved them $19,602. Then they purchased a new home for $860,000. At closing I was paid a commission of $25,800 ... BUT ... I rebated back to them $8,600.

Had they used an agent from most of the traditional brokerages, they would have paid $20,397 to their listing agent to sell their home and would not have received an $8,600 rebate on the purchase of their new home ... in other words they would have had $28,202 LESS dollars in their pocket at the end of these transactions than they did by using Homes in North Texas.


Full Service but Reduced Fee Brokerage