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David Wright
Ecological Rainmaker
location_on Greenville, DE — Globcal International
Get to Know David Wright

I have had a great and wonderful life so far. One of my first and best jobs in my professional life was selling real estate in Beverly Hills, that's when I was 24. Now today 26 years later I am doing it again, but under a different idealism that acknowledges the International Sustainability Movement and Agenda 21, whether we like it or not, Agenda 21 it is here and needs to be realized as we enter a global society where every nation will comply with a new law of nations.

Recently I developed a new method for owning land through offshore investment of international foundations and the creation of perpetual endowments that can be owned by individual or non-profits in nearly any nation under UN treaties and international law. It does not matter which nationality you are either, anyone can buy land anywhere if all the correct preparation is developed.   

Over the past few years I have been working on a tract of land that is the size of the country of Finland. Its not for sale outright but you can buy into it through my project and you can become involved in ecological community development of the reserve as a carbon-sink and biodiversity stakeholder. 


Ekōbius: Ecovillage and green intentional community property development concept that manages carbon forests, biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Venezuela and Guiana Highlands for ecotourism.