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Erik Potter
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Get to Know Erik Potter

Negotiating and brokering a hard money loan tranascation takes knowledge, patience, confidence and integrity.  Since 2009 I've been negotiating deals between hard money lender in Massachusetts and real estate investors looking to flip, rehab and sell investment properties. 

I know the intricacies of private lending and more imporantly I personally know the major hard money lenders in Massachusetts.  My relationships enable me to give borrowers quick, straight and honest answers on their loan queries.  My intimate knowledge of the current lending paramaters of the major hard money lenders allows me to give you a straight forward response on whether your proposal is realistic or a pipe dream waiting to fall into the hands of some of the more unsavory private lenders in the Commonwealth.

We presently are lending on standard acquistions, rehabs, flips, builder loans and ground up construction on permitted land.  If you want a no nonsense, matter of fact, honest and fair experience then please contact me as I'd be happy to assist you in obtaining the financing you need.


We speciliaze in private hard money financing of real estate transactions with collateral located in Massachusetts & Rhode Island.  Our loans range from small "flips" to larger ground up construction projects. 


Hard money lending in Massachusetts for real estate investors looking for private financing of purchase, rehab loans, bridge loans and ground up construction loans for real estate located in MA & RI.