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Paul S. Henderson, REALTOR®, CRS
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After 23 years in the real estate industry, I still find that real estate is a very personal business!

Every one of my transactions is different.  I don’t think I’ve ever had two deals that were identical.  Every transaction has its own challenges and results and when it comes right down to it I learn more about people and myself with each home sale I put together.

 The tougher the housing climate gets, the nicer my clients become. I know that price is usually the most important factor in finding a house; however my job is to keep my clients safe as well as find and negotiate the best price for them.  The only thing that stays constant in the real estate industry are the houses.  In fact I can tell you more about each client than each house I’ve sold.

 I started my real estate career and was licensed over 23 years ago. My official start in buying and selling real estate came in 1975, when I bought my first 5 acre piece of vacant land. I was 22 years old and wanted to invest in real estate for some time. I was in the Navy and the Seller felt sorry for me and gave me a great interest rate and held the contract. I sold that lot 3 years later and made a $12,000 profit, all said and done. Best of all I held the contract and was making 11% interest on that contract. I was hooked and went out looking for more investments.

 Real estate is a learning experience; not only for the buyer or seller but also for the broker. I have learned something new on virtually every transaction I have been a party to over my 14 years I’ve held a license. I am constantly going to classes and seminars to perfect my craft and give my clients the most up to date information of my market and the industry. I have obtained the following Realtor® designations;  Broker Price Opinion Resource (BPOR), Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), Graduate Residential Institute (GRI). 

 Rather than fear technology I embrace it, giving my clients a step up on the competition whether they are buying or selling. I am currently working with buyers and sellers from all over the United States, not to mention several overseas. Technology makes it all possible and makes me more efficient.    

 Whether you’re looking for a Realtor ®for your own needs or as an agent referring a client that needs professional, full service representation, I am the Realtor ® and Broker for you.




Broker Price Opinion Resource (BPOR)

Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)

Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE)

Graduate Residential Institute (GRI)


Specializing in Internet marketing strategies for positive results!


I also specialize in relocation of clients from all over the world. In fact 25% of my clients are military relocating to Ft Lewis, McChord Air Force Base, JBLM (Now Joint Base Lewis McChord) or the Madigan Regional Medical Facility.

I am adept at finding good real estate investments for my clients.

I have been extremely successful at finding recreation, vacation properties, namely Hartstene Pointe, or retirement residences for clients all over the western United States.


Helping people, help themselves!

Long ago, when I first started my real estate career, I worked in the bank REO part of real estate. The business was usually people who would put their houses up as collateral on loans for cars, vacations of frivolous toys. I hated this business and I knew if I didn’t quit working in it I would have to leave the business. I quit in 2001 and started practicing regular real estate, never looking back 

In late 2008, I started seeing a sad state of affairs. I started seeing people losing the homes due to the economy! Our neighborhoods were being flooded with homes where the people could no longer make their house payments.

My background in distressed properties could now be used to help people help themselves. I now sit down and lay out the options to clients who want to save their credit and just have hit hard times.

The best thing I see, day to day, is a future for people who before they met with me, didn’t know which way to turn…



Selected as a 5 star Realtor (Seattle Magazine) 8 times

Mike C. Hawaii
Paul, Thanks for checking back. Yes, we received the money for the house. We have lots of great memories and have not forgotten all the help you gave us in our time of need back in 02'. It was great closure and we were really happy to find you available. Thanks again, Michael
"Paul is an excellent Real Estate Broker. My family used Paul to buy and sell 3 of our residences while we travelled into, out of, and around the Dupont, WA area while I was stationed at Fort Lewis, WA. At least one of those houses Paul helped us buy while we were in Georgia and it was ready for us to move in when we arrived. He learned quickly what we liked, entertained some of our crazy ideas, but wasn't afraid to be frank with us about our expectations. He is a hard worker and takes the time to patiently explain the process. All 6 of our Real Estate closing with Paul went quickly and smoothly. I have compared every Realtor since then to Paul and have become a Realtor myself since retiring from the US Army. I try to take care of my clients how Paul took care of my family. Thanks, Paul! "
R&D Kent WA.
I don't care for computers however I tried an online brokerage and was totally confused with the whole process! Paul Henderson was referred to me and my father by our real estate property manager as the best one on one broker in the business. We wanted to sell one of our rental homes in Tacoma Washington and I called Paul for an appointment. I expected to have to take off work and transport my elderly father to Tacoma from our house East of Seattle. It takes about 2 hours round trip. Paul set up an appointment, at my fathers house on a Friday evening so I wouldn't have to take off work and my father wouldn't have to be transported. (The online company wanted me to either come to their office during regular business hours or sign all legal documents online with a digital signature.) I wanted someone to walk me through the process and explain what I was signing and Paul sat with us for a good 3 hours to sign the listing papers. Every time something needed to be signed Paul Henderson was there! We got multiple offers and Paul helped us to review each offer and with a net price breakdown we decided which offer which was best for us. We never had to leave the comfort of our own home or take one minute of time off. Paul oversaw all repairs and made sure all was done. I call that Service! Paul even arranged for the Escrow Gal to come and sign the closing papers at my father's house. I will never sell another house without Paul Henderson as my Broker...
E&R F.
Paul, remember when you told us to remind our buyer agent to get a home warranty when our agent negotiated terms on our new house? Well guess what? You guessed it; not 6 months later the whole HVAC went down on our new home in July. We paid the $60 deductible gladly and because they could not repair the old one; we received a brand new AC system with a 5 year warranty. The Seller covered the cost of the year long policy as part of our sale's contract and $60 is a real deal compared to the cost of $5000 AC system. Thank you for the foresight and suggesting the home warranty! No quibbles or arm twisting just $60!!!
Donald F. (Indiana)
I can't beieve I waited 6 months before letting my first agent go. I had 2 listing presentations and the other agent promissed me the moon however Paul told me, in no uncertain terms, that his statistic showed a selling price point within a small range. I went with other agent and wasted both time and money trying to get the moon! I lost Paul's number but one day I noticed his RE/MAX for sale sign had just gone up not 3 blocks from my house followed a week later by a PENDING sign. I knew what a mistake I had made. I cancelled my listing and hired Paul. I was filled with confidence because Paul had a conservative marketing plan that made sense to me. He told me to leave the selling process to him and he would supply all the information I would need to make an informed decision. Two weeks later I had 2 offers. I live 2000 miles east of my house in Washington State and by having Paul working for me, I felt I was in the same town. He did everything Online and even arranged for me to sign the closing papers in Indiana, in my home, saving me time and even more money. There is more! After the home inspection Paul got me competitive bids from numerous trades. This entailed several appointments at my house and then he sat there again with the repairman. Paul surpassed every thought I had with excellence. My only regret is that I haven't found another agent that comes close to Paul's professionalism here in Indiana. I highly recommend Paul Henderson! Donald F.
Glenn S.
How Paul cost me a thousand dollars... I have to apologize because I treated Paul like crap while he was my agent (broker). I didn't listen to him and I micro managed the first 2 months of my listing, wasting valuable time and Paul's money. My wife was having lunch with her friend that had referred Paul to us and asked how things were going. My wife told her that we were thinking of finding another agent. My wife's friend Sally was enraged. She came bye that night and read me the riot act. She told me that Paul makes a living selling houses and if you follow his process and take his advice he will make you money. I told her I have a very successful company and I have to stay involved or things will fall apart. Sally bet me that Paul would sell our house before the other house on our street if he was left alone to sell it. I asked her if Paul had come crying to them about my rants but she told me he was to classy to complain; he just works harder to succeed. So I bet her $1000 and thought it as a win/win for me... Let's just say, Sally won a $1000 and Paul sold our house and found the Buyer for the other house in our cul-de-sac that was for sale! Don't bet against Paul
Mike and Samantha
(Not your average testimonial for not your average Broker) I was reading a blog post and thought a name sounded familiar. I had been very discouraged with my real estate agent and was looking to replace him and that was why I was reading local real estate blogs. I had gone to high school in Gig Harbor Washington and remembered a Paul Henderson as being my Student Body President. I didn't think he would remember me because we weren't really friends and he was very popular. I called his contact info, at RE/MAX, and got his voice mail. I explained my problems and how I thought I knew him on my message. About an hour later Paul called me back. Paul did remember me and we hit it off right away. To get right to the point; Paul explained to me that he couldn't give me any real estate advice while I was under contract with another Broker. He explained that it was not only unethical but illegal, I think he said, for Paul to get my property listing while I was listed with a competitor. He didn't encourage me to break off my listing but told me to simply call my agent and communicate my displeasure. I called my agent and told him that I was displeased and all the points where I thought he was failing. I told him I was most irritated by his lack of communication and how I felt he had never called me again after he got my listing. I have never seen a 100% turn around in performance of my agent after just calling him on it. Paul was right! I never fired my agent and sold our house 2 weeks later; so why am I writing this? I talked to many of my friends who were very surprised that Paul didn't try to solicit me to drop my agent and hire him. They told me that this is a classy guy who is ethical beyond the point of making a fast buck. If I ever buy or sell another house or condo; I will hire Paul Henderson from RE/MAX. Sincerely, Mike and Samantha
I am a single woman, who lives in Alaska. I was tired of staying in hotels every time I wanted to visit my Grandson. I found Paul through a referral of a friend who had used him to buy and then sell 2 properties. Paul emailed me several houses in my price range, area and style I thought I wanted. I asked him to bump the price up and upon my visit, Paul had 5 perfect homes for me to view. I never felt pressure to buy however when I fell in love with one house Paul got the price negotiated down almost 5% below the asking price. Paul never gave up on finding just what I wanted. As an out of state buyer, with a limited knowledge of the area; I wanted a Broker to guide me and let me make the decisions. Paul treated me with respect and I never doubted for a moment that he was working for me; not just a commission. I would not hesitate referring him to any one. Thank you for everything!   Jeannette Port Orchard WA.
Sam and Gina
I told Paul that we had interviewed four agents prior to meeting with him. I asked him why we should hire him rather than one of the other agents? I remember him pausing and saying "Unlike other agents and brokers; I control the process, you control the decisions!" I remember looking at my wife and both of us knew we had found our Broker. Not one of the other agents made that promise. The best part was that Paul lived up to his promise and provided us with options and reliable information so we could make informed decisions. We were on a short time table however Paul never panicked he just made things happen and his custom marketing plan fit our schedule and expectations. We asked Paul to find us an agent in Florida that he could refer my wife and I to. He found us three agents, all highly qualified, not one from RE/MAX, the company he works for. My wife and I found that refreshing. Paul was always looking after our best interest; not his!
Marie Barth
There are few REALTORS who are consistently meticulous and detailed about the settlement procedure as Paul Henderson. Paul has proven to be professional, knowledgeable and gracious in every business interaction I have had with him. It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to recommend him to anyone purchasing or selling a home or investment property. He has a great sense of humor and is a joy to work with!" Marie Barth, Owner, Designated Escrow Inc.
The Johnson Family
Paul's service creates a trust that makes a transaction seem so simple that we were amazed he had time for any other clients. Paul was always there. We wondered why the other agent received a commission. We would never think of selling or buying a home without Paul in our corner... The Johnson Family Lacey WA
Keith Roberts
Paul Henderson is a phenomenal Real Estate Broker. I closed 5 separate residential Real Estate transactions with him and could not have been more pleased. I now hold every other Real Estate professional to the high standard that he set. I now live in a different state and I still call him for advice. God Bless, -Keith Roberts
Carol (Referral Testimonial)
Hey Paul - Yes -I did receive the check and for the full amount agreed upon. I appreciate your promptness in sending it and sending a copy of the HUD as well. It has been so nice to have the updates that you sent as the transactions progressed and regressed and progressed again - and I do appreciate your tenacity in getting Rachel into a home and making some money for both of us! It was probably the best referral experience I have ever had and I will certainly call you again if I have anyone headed up your way! Success comes in cans. . .not in cannots! Carol
Nancy Roberts, DuPont
I have bought and sold 7 houses in the past 15 years; 3 in the Dupont area alone. The best real estate agent that I have worked with is Paul Henderson from Re/max. He is honest and will give you a realistic idea about how you should price your house to sell. I am impressed with Paul because he follows the entire sale and ensures that you understand everything and that you are happy. I have referred him to at least 4 people and every one of them has been very happy. Nancy Roberts, DuPont
Rachel Saunders
Paul recently worked with me as a Buyer's Representative and was a valuable partner in my efforts to find a new home in a community I was not familiar with. Paul is very familiar with the area and knowledgeable about local influences on property values. He helped me to find exactly what I was looking for in a home and to maximize my investment in real estate. My search for a new home took some time. It took more time, in fact, than I anticipated or hoped for. During the long search, Paul never pressured or rushed me through any decision of this important process, and he stuck with me through it all. No matter how busy he was, Paul kept in contact with me. He also contacted me regularly to see if there were any new developments or to see if I had any questions or concerns that he could answer or address. Thank you Paul. Best Regards, Rachel Saunders
Mark Shafer
Paul, Your service to us was the finest we have had in buying and selling homes. I really appreciated your honesty, experience and help. A real 10 out of 10! Thanks for everything and we will definitely keep you in mind if we know anyone buying or selling in the Tacoma area. Thanks again, Mark Shafer
The Johnson Family (Lacey WA)
Paul's service creates a trust that makes a transaction seem so simple that we were amazed he had time for any other clients. Paul was always there. We wondered why the other agent received a commission. We would never think of selling or buying a home without Paul in our corner... The Johnson Family
Ellis & Kimberly Vincent
Paul, Now that we're back in Australia, we thought that we would just send you a little letter. We have bought and sold 7 homes in 39 years, in 3 different countries, in fact, 3 different continents. So we have had a bit of experience with the real estate market and realtors. We have never experienced such efficiency, courtesy, and professionalism from anyone, like we experienced from you! You represented us admirably and addressed our concerns and needs as they arose. But, in addition to this, you went the "extra mile" - who else would assure that new deadlocks were installed late at night, and myriad other tasks to ensure our safety and peace of mind? We can't list all the extra things that you did and are continuing to do, because this would be a never-ending letter. My friends and business associates are amazed when I tell them what tasks you have undertaken and valuable assistance and friendship extended to us. None of them have ever had this type of service! We realize that our tight schedule made co-ordinating paperwork and legalities a nightmare, and our short tempers at times were most trying, but rest assured, you have two very happy new home owners in Olympia! ReMax Professionals should be proud to have you representing them....your efforts could not be surpassed by anyone. Sincerely and best regards, Ellis & Kimberly Vincent
George and Joan (Haines, Alaska)
My wife and I would like to comment on Paul Henderson's manner and professionalism as a Realtor. First my wife and I have both been licenses Realtors in another state. We first met Paul when we purchased a lot on Harstine Island. We were both impressed by his honesty and the fact there was no pressure, only information and guidance. The second experience was when we decided to sell our home in Tacoma with a great view on Brown's Point. The market was topping off at the time and chance to make some serious money just before my retirement was there. We had an extraordinary amount of interest in the home before we decided to sell it and Paul gave us advice to start at a lower price, which I totally disagreed with him on that point. He was always professional and direct. The property did not sell and the market was still declining but not dead. We decided to go with another company with a gentleman who was recommended to us by a friend. The presentation was very complete and impressive but the performance left much to be desired. The property was not shown; the contract did not give any incentive for other Realtor's to show the property by the unbalanced commission split. We terminated the contract early and took our home off the market and decided right there to go back to Paul. We learned a few things about successful real estate, no matter how impressive the advertisement may be the sales person is the key. Paul advised us to stay out of the market until it starts to recover. This time when he suggested the price, which was painfully lower than we hoped for, we followed his advice. The property was showed; he even went as far as to look after our property when we were in Alaska. If we would have initially listened to Paul's advice the first time when he suggested a price much lower than our idea of what it would sell for, we would have sold the property at a substantial profit compared to the barely break even we finally sold it for almost two years later. We consider Paul Henderson one of the best Realtors we have dealt with over the years and consider him a friend who is always welcome in our home. It pays everyone to have a Realtor like Paul on your team when you are selling or buying property. Just thought you should know. Haines, Alaska
Dave P. (Grateful customer)
Dear Paul, I would like to thank you for your willingness to work with me as my realtor. You were professional in all of your showings and were more than willing to guide me through a market I did not understand. Your expertise and guidance are unsurpassable and your composure is genuine. You sir are a true champion of your trade and you give your trade a good name. Many people have had a negative attitude toward banking and realtors in general because of the the volatile banking and real estate crisis in recent years and it is a pure pleasure to find a man of your caliber that has an understanding of the market and is just not trying to sell something but wants to fulfill the dreams of a customer. You stood by me and proved your interest in me as a customer and a potential home owner. In your own words " My goal as a realtor is to get you the right home for you". It was not a closing or a commission it was about finding me what I needed. You sir did for me what I would never have been able to do for myself, We found the right house and then you went 100% above your obligation and got me a new hot water heater and insisted that my locks were changed which is actually unheard of in your industry but you did it. How many homes did we look at? 50, 150 I do not know but you were there and you never wavered. As I am writing this e-mail I am washing my laundry in my home that you helped me purchase. I got a washer and dryer and a new hot water heater because you insisted that your client be taken care of. How can I as a consumer show my appreciation for your service but give you a great review and encourage anyone in your industry to follow your lead. This is the epitome of customer service and a genuine example for any realtor in America to follow. Once again Paul -- Thank You and I will use your services again. Grateful customer

Whether you are buying or selling a house at Hartstene Pointe on Harstine Island, Tacoma, Lakewood, DuPont, Gig Harbor, let me represent your interests. Serving my client's best interests since 1999.