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My name is Paul Martinez, and I'm a professional copywriter and marketing consultant. My ads, postcards, and direct mail letters have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits for myself and my clients. People from all over the country call me every day to ask me to create hard-hitting, results-producing ad copy for them. But it wasn't always this way.

Once upon a time, I was a real estate agent, just like you.  I hustled my butt off every day to make a dollar...and yet, no matter what I did, I still struggled to make the kind of money my efforts deserved.  

I was making a living, but I didn't have a life. My business consumed all of my time and even then, it always felt like I was scraping the bottom of the barrel at the end of the month.

Then one 3 A.M., after spending hours doing paperwork, balancing my budget and then working on yet another fancy ad for the local paper, I literally passed out on my desk. The next thing I knew it was 7am and my assistant was shaking me awake.

That day, I thought "I just can't keep living like this-it's too much hassle for too little in return. The stress, the long hours, the frustration...I can't do this anymore!"

But like many agents, I am too darn stubborn to know when to quit. So I took a deep breath, and took a brutally honest look at my business.

It wasn't pretty. Thousands and thousands of dollars of wasted marketing tests. Hundreds of now-cold and unconverted leads. Dozens of happy past clients who had never sent me a penny's worth of business. And suddenly, it dawned on me that the secret to massive, overnight success had been sitting under my nose the whole time.

I Discovered an Amazing Secret...


I had literally hundreds of ready-to-act referral sources...dozens of potential partners...and probably thousands of marketing tweaks and tricks that would vastly improve my sales. All at my fingertips. And I had completely ignored them in favor of marketing efforts that wasted my hard-earned dollars and never returned a thin dime on my investment.

Within weeks, I had more leads than I could possible handle. Even better, almost all of them were calling me, begging for the right to do business with me...on my terms. I had to hire more salespeople just to keep up with the demand.

The result?


A 207% Increase in Profits

in Less Than 90 Days


And that was from using just ONE of the 7 Hidden Profit Centers. A few small improvements in a couple of ads, combined with a simple, effective follow-up strategy. But those small hinges swung open the doors to massive profits. 

After that, I ate up every bit of marketing info I could find. I spent $55,000 on coaching programs. I read every book on copywriting I could find, studied with the greats like Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, and John Carlton went to closed-door seminars that cost thousands just to get in the door.

And each time I learned something new, I applied it to my real estate business. And my profits kept going up...and up...and up.

Based on the grade-A marketing education I received, I was eventually able to identify a total of 7 Hidden Profit Centers.  As I started exploiting each one my bank account balance kept going up and up. records something funny happened.

Soon, other real estate agents and brokers started asking me for help with their businesses.  At first, I was a little hesitant to "share the wealth".  After all, I had no idea if this stuff would work in other markets or industries. 

But after being pestered month after month by one particular business owner, I finally relented.

I created a few new ads and a simple direct mail follow-up sequence.  The idea was to generate a lead, drive it to his website, and then use the mailing pieces to turn them into paying clients. 

And it worked.  Amazingly well.  So well that I ended up with a new career: professional copywriter. 

So, if you'd like help getting more leads and making more sales this year--regardless of what your market is doing--give me a call at  617-913-6766.  When you do, I'll give you a free, 30 minute over-the-phone marketing audit that will dramatically transform your real estate business.

During this free consultation, you'll learn exactly what you need to do in order to double (or even triple) your income.  And afterwards, you'll get a written, step-by-step, profit-producing plan to follow.  Every piece of the marketing puzzle will be put into place for you.  All you need to do is follow the path I'll lay out for you...and watch your bank account balance balloon.

To set up a time to speak with me, please call me directly at 617-913-6766, or email me at

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