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I am a realtor  who is passionate about gardening. I am Lexington's Green Thumb Realtor Consultant.  Dorothy LaBar and I recently formed "The Jubilee Team."

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 I believe everyone has a natural inclination to want to grow their own food, to want to create their own natural beauty and to want to share that food and beauty with their community. 

My passion for gardening can help sell your home, even if you have little or no interest in gardening.  I have found creating a small organic garden or adding a couple of small trees to front of a yard or just accentuating the setting of your home can create interest and bring buyers.

I encourage my buyers to at least pursue gardening and I will give them all the help they wish.  I start hundreds of plants every winter and share with my clients, neighbors and friends.


I help my  home buyers learn to garden.  I give them tips, resources and continual encouragement.  



I serve my community by doing everything possible to build trust with my neighbors, trust with my coworkers and trust with the community as a whole.  I dedicate my time to building relationships.  I believe with all my heart serving my fellow man is the most productive thing I can do to bettering our world. My business partner Dorothy LaBar and I do our best to help people in the Lexington Kentucky community.


I spend my time building relationships.  It is my goal to make my clients so outrageously happy that they will want to introduce me to at least two people they really care about. 

I also find that I am much more successful helping people buy and sell homes when I am able to build relationships with very successful people.  Dorothy LaBar is one of those people in the Rector Hayden family of realtors that I find super positive.  She naturally cheers me on and I gain so much from that kind of positive feedback.  Dorothy and I recently formed "The Jubilee Team."


Whether you are buying or selling a home or property in Lexington, Nicholasville, Wilmore, Versailles, Fayette or Jessamine county you will want to use my expertise to help you buy and sell homes.