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I came to California 30 years ago from Wisconsin and never left.  I studied civil engineering at Stanford University, and obtrained a Masters degree in engineering there.  I have over 25 years engineering and environmental experience, throughout many areas of California and the Western United States.  I have been a licensed real estate broker for 17 years, and have done many deals in Northern California. 

My expertise and contacts in the consulting, engineering, and real estate worlds, gave rise to the creation of PRI Real Estate Services three years ago.  We are focused on unique properties, with issues that may seem troublesome or difficult.  As Raymond Chandler said, "Trouble is my business."  Those are the unique transactions we solicit and can help you move forward.  Contact me for a free property assessment


As a licensed civil engineer in two states, registered environmental assessor, and licensed real estate broker, I provide unique services to buyers and sellers of properties with engineering or environmental issues.   So when buyers or sellers encounter engineering issues, such as drainage, site stability, entitlements, or environmental contamination, I can address the issues directly to add value to principals.  I help sellers in strategic negotiations regarding these issues, and I have helped buyers save hundreds of thousands of dollars on such deals.  For sellers, I position the property correctly, direct or arrange necessary upfront studies, market the property appropriately, and negotiate from a position of knowledge during the transaction.  For liability and other reasons, virtually all agents will have to step away and inform principals that engineering issues are not their area of expertise, and they will refer these issues to  other parties.  In certain specialty areas, I do the same.  But the unique value I add to principals is that I can foresee and problem-solve most of these issues, and get ahead of the issue, rather than have it hang up a transaction later. 

I also provide expert witness and real estate consulting services to clients, including expertise in environmental insurance and liability protections, so I understand the legal and technical side of the deal, in addition to the normal transaction issues.  My clients are wild in my praise, as indicated on my website.  Check it out for yourself.


PRI Real Estate Services provides a unique combination of engineering expertise and real estate brokerage services to buyers and sellers. We are problem solvers for the toughest of properties.