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SOS L Services, LLC is a Loss Mitigation Company which specializes in Short sales, Loan Modification and Forebarance agreements. With over 20 years combined experiend within the mortgage industry,  we currently are focusing on helping clients in financial distress. SOS L Services, LLC has developed relationships with many real estate brokers and agents along with lenders and servicers. In fact, real estate brokers/agents are key to our business. As the economy and market values are changing you see 1st hand why & how so many americans are being effected by this changing economy and are loosing thier homes. Our goal is to assist clients and work with the real estate brokers during these difficult times.


Our area of expertise is in loss mitigation. We work as liason with the client, lender, real estate agent/broker & attorney. Our focus is on negotiating with the lender to accept current fair market value of the home or work on re-negotiating the current terms of the loan so that the client can retain the property.


A loss mitigation company currently active in NY, CT, NJ and Fl.