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Our Corporate housing company has successfully serviced the South Florida area for more than 20 years.We were the first corporate housing company in south Florida, and now the oldest.  We have recently launched a creative website to help buyers, sellers and realtors. It is a fair, fun, legal and quick way to win a property or to list a property as the prize. We are coorperating with realtors , and will pay a commission for the successful contests. Agents can  bring the listing or the winning player to the site. The seller collects the value or the price paid for the home , the winner gets a home or investment property for a very small entry fee and the realtor gets commission. A win/win/win . Our contest is well planned. It isn't based on any subjective judging or tedious time consuming writings. It is a skilled word jumble interactive game. Best score wins!!!


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Winning a Dream Home is Just a Click Away(we are accepting listings fof properties from all states) 


The PerfectPlaceContest.com home giveaway solves the real estate puzzle for buyers and sellers




August 29, 2008/Coral Springs, FL/-- Got game? For those who excel at word-jumble games, their skills may just win them a new home .




Donna Kalman, president of The Perfect Place, a provider of short- and long-term housing in South Florida, had several properties available for sale. In this challenging economy, she devised the concept for The Perfect Place Contest.




" I wanted to find a creative way to get these homes sold. Through a contest of skill, prospective home-seekers and investors now have the chance to win a new home, and sellers have a new way to sell their property," said Kalman. "We wanted to find a fair, unique, and fun way to turn these properties into someone else's dream home and have both the buyer and seller benefit."




Unlike other home-giveaways where contestants are required to write lengthy and subjective essays, The Perfect Place Contest requires players to earn the highest score on a skill-based, puzzle-based online game, similar to the word jumble games in the newspaper. "More people are capable of playing the game and everyone is on equal terms. You either have the highest score or you don't," says Kalman.




The contests are up and running and properties currently available include:




l A $250,000 Coconut Creek 2-bedroom/2-bath condo with vaulted ceilings, playground and tennis court, right next to the excitement and glamour of the future home of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.


l An amazing $400,000, 1-bedroom condo in Delray Beach with full upgrades and great amenities, within walking distance of the ocean.


l A gorgeous $400,000 high-rise, upscale condo in Fort Lauderdale, with all the amenities of a 5-star hotel located right in the heart of trendy Las Olas area.


To enter, players visit www.PerfectPlaceContest.com, choose the property they want to win and pay the corresponding entrée fee which ranges from $50 to $200, depending on the property. Players will have the opportunity to try a few practice games before playing. The goal is to unscramble the letters as quickly as possible to form a specific word. Immediately following play, the home-seekers' scores and the highest score will be displayed, allowing contestants to keep track of their placement. At the end of 30 days, the player who unscrambled the word correctly the fastest will be declared the winner of the property. Players may enter as often as they wish but must pay separate entrees fees for each game, and players must be 18 years old or older.




"Whether these prospective homeowners want an opportunity to win a vacation home, a primary home , or use it as an investment property, it's really a unique opportunity to win a great home at a nominal fee. People play the lottery all the time against millions of odds, or pay $50 for a hand of black jack. With our game, you have even better odds of winning a real home that is fully furnished in prime South Florida locations," said Kalman. "And because the number of entrees are capped equivalent to the fair market value of each property, no one is taking advantage of a down market. No one is price gouging. We just wanted to find a solution to the real estate situation. This way, a seller has the chance to get out of their home in a very difficult real estate market while the buyer is able to own a home for little investment. Everyone wins."




Eric Weldon, owner of Menu Realty Group in Fort Lauderdale, is the first realty office to utilize the website for his client. He has an oversized studio apartment in the The Q-Club in Ft. Lauderdale, just north of A1A. "This is a condo hotel that overlooks the beach. Amenities include a 24 hour fitness center and pool along with a lobby restaurant. If I were to put it on the market it would list for $550 - $600,000."




Weldon found out about the contest a few months ago and was eager to get his listing on there. "I'm looking to put a lot of my properties on the contest," said Weldon. "What's nice about the contest is that it is global. People from all over the world have an incredible opportunity to win a property in a great location."




Realtors or homeowners interested in listing their properties as a prize on the Perfect Place Contest website may contact Donna Kalman by visiting www.PerfectPlaceContest.com.





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We specialize in temporary furnished housing. We own all our own furniture and housewares in addition to owning  the properties  We only provide housing in and areas that we catagorize as "A" properties. We are family owned and operated , and make ourselves available 24/7. We have worked with major companies and real estate offices over our long established time in this business. We pride ourselves with taking care of every need a client will present us, with curtiousy and effeciancy.


corporate housing co. in the south Florida area for 20+ years. We have launched a wesite www.perfectplacecontest.com as a source for realtors and home buyers and sellers to win or list their properti