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Loan Officer, Mortgage Officer and Realtor Program

Accurate Credit Experts knows that in today's market things have to change. Rate's move and the rules change pretty much on a weekly basis and it make's it hard to make things happen the way they should. To make matters worse the credit crunch has all of us in a bind. Because of this I have found it is making it hard for the residential home market to keep its head above water. I offer this to help each of you. This is for loan officers, mortgage officers, and real estate professionals only!

Accurate Credit Experts offers this to you in the struggling market:

•·         You sign up as an independent contractor of Accurate Credit Experts.

•·         You make a commission of $100 on every client that signs up on the program.

•·         I do all the work and send all the letters.

•·         I do all the customer service and answer all the questions.

•·         I get the credit repaired and send them back to you as an approved customer.

•·         You make another commission getting them into a home.

•·         Accurate Credit Experts pays you monthly and 1099C you at the end of the year for taxes.

Think about it! If you only send over two people a month that sign up you can make an additional $200 per month income. What if you sign up 4 or 6? I already have mortgage offices on this program and they are making money on a monthly basis. If you are interested please let me know. Thanks again and have a great day!


Credit Repair and Education.

Debt Settlement.

Re-establishing Positive Trade Lines.