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If you're a renter, I can help you purchase a home and your payment will be the same price as rent!  If you already own a home, don't be afraid to sell because although the price of your home has dropped, you're going to purchase your new home at such an incredibly low price, you'll still be ahead in the market because prices always go back up.  If you purchase your dream home now, you can qualify for a much more beautiful home than you would have qualified for 2 years ago, because prices have dropped and interest is at an all time LOW!

I specialize in getting my clients the best deal possible.  Whether you're buying or selling to upgrade while prices are so low, now is the time to act!  All of the experts are saying the market is levelling out.  Don't make the mistake of listening to the media.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not downing the media, but they are selling newspapers and making headlines.  If you listen to them, the sky is always falling.  I assure you it is not.  The real estate market goes up and down, it always has.  The facts are that over the past 50 years (even with the ups and downs) real estate has climbed in value at 6% per year to the current prices today.  The market runs in cycles.  We are currently at the end of an 18 month downward cycle.  Most agree the market is at the bottom, but even if it drops by another 10% (which is the most even the toughest speculators are saying that it will drop), you'll still come out ahead as the market raises back up which it will.  It always does.

I have a multitude of resources and expertise in real estate.  Let's find your new home and get you moved in.  You will make money in the long run and I can show you how!  Looking forward to hearing from you soon at either CallJaimee@yahoo.com or 760-684-2764.  Don't hesitate.  Let's start working together for your future today!


I have specialized in helping buy and sell homes for over 3 years.  As a buyer's agent, I know the loan market, I know the interest rate market, I really know the real estate market in Southern California.  I will make sure you are the most educated buyer when you buy and the most educated seller when you sell. 

Buyers:  I will help you find your dream home.  Whether it's your first home or your next more beautiful dream home, I will find it for you and walk you through the entire process.  I will be on your side from the moment we meet and there forward.  I work for you and your best interest alone.  I CAN find you a home you'll love and a payment you can live with.

Sellers:  I will help you get top dollar for your home so that we may work towards your future financial success.  I and my company use every marketing tool available to get your home sold.  If you want to sell your home, I can show you how.  Throughout the process, I work for you.  I will be honest with you and help you any way I can to help you reach your financial goals.  You can sell your home in this market and I know how to do it.  Don't be intimidated.  Contact me and I'll show you how.

Call me today at 760-684-2764 or email me at CallJaimee@yahoo.com.  Let me help you reach your goals!  That way we can reach our goals together!


I am an experienced REO agent which means can help you list or purchase a bank owned home! Prices are great! Now is the time to buy! Financing is still available! Give me a call 760-684-2764