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Get to Know Matt Batson

I'm a licensed NC General Contractor who has been remodeling/restoring old homes for over 20 years.  Homes , all of their components (from A/C to foundations), and even the soil that they sit upon are of great interest to me.  It is my passion.  My hobby, so to speak.

Although I enjoy building homes, my real passion is restoring older homes.  I enjoy implementing modern touches into older homes.  And I restore a house so that it will live a long healthy life...withstanding the test of time.

Most importantly, inspecting homes is something I love.  The only way you will get an individual to do an exceptional job is if it is a pleasurable experience for him/her.  Every home is different, and is kind of an adventure...or perhaps more like a mystery and I am the detective.


I'm an ASHI member.  ASHI is the oldest home inspector association, and has the most stringent requirements for membership of the associations.  They require the most continuing education credits per year, they have the toughest membership test, and the members must submit their inspections for review by the ASHI board.  This is all in the name of acheiving a level of excellence.

With my experience with older homes, I have a unique perspective on the differences in building code for a 60 yr old home.  I can explain to the client that older homes dont always meet present day codes...but that this shouldnt be a deal breaker.  For most older homes, if they have functioned well for 60 years with no problems, then there is no reason to think they will not continue to work fine, despite not meeting current code.  Obviously, every home is different and this can vary.

I'm also nationally certified for Radon measurement.  Most people do not realize that Radon is second only to cigarette smoking as the leading cause of lung cancer.  Radon is radioactive and is the ONLY substance that the EPA recommends every home owner test for.  It is impossible to pinpoint radon in the soil, and even if your neighbor has low radon levels, your home could be very high in radon concentration.  If you havent tested your home, do it now.  Dont wait any longer.


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