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I am a realotr in Miami.  But you already know that because that is what this place is all about.  My other passion is photography.  I have an MFA from the University of Miami.  I was so lucky to receive a full scholarship to study what I love.

I teach photography - right now only privately and sometims to small groups.  Oh...I also teach at the Art Institure.

My interest in realty began when I was photographing homes for people and began to create an interest in the many new building going up in Miami.  I love to visit the new buildings and love to learn about the pre construcitons.  I started to visit open houses out of curiosity and one day decided to take my real estate class and got my license.

I speak Portuguese (I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil), I speak English, Spanish and French.  The French is a bit rusy but I believe I can still get by.  I studied in Switzerland where I learned to read and write in French but I did not use it after I left.  Isn't it just terrible when that happens?  But I can conjugate some good verbs and create some interesting sentences.



My specialty is in residential real estate.  

I work with people who are buying a place as a second home.  This is very important because one has to approch this in a differetn way.  It's not about buying or selling.  It's about creating the same lifestyle that the client has or wants.  Second homes are where dream vacations happen and so they have to have the many ammenities that people want.  I enjoy learning about people so that I can help them create a fantastic experience.

Many people buy a second home for an investment.  Sometimes they rent it for part of the year and use it  for another few months.  This is an interesting market as it involves understanding how to manage the property so that it can work well as an investment property.  Some condos make it difficult to have an investment property and others are quite simple.  A home would be more complicated as it involves managing the property very carefully.

I work with people who are tired of trying to sell their homes:  For sale by owner. I help people who find it overwhelming to wait for buyers to come see their homes and cancel in the last minute.  I help people organize their property so that it can be sold timely and effieciently.

First Time Buyers: I LOVE to work with first tiime buyers.  I think that it's so important to let first time buyers understand how to approch a buy or a sale.  I enjoy seeing their excitement and many times their expertise.  First time buyers know so much more than lets say 10 years ago.

Listing homes  My background in photography allows me to create beautiful photographs to sell well.  I am a good marketer and join these abilities in an efficient manner.

REO     I am certified to work with REO

ACP     I amcertified  Acredited Comercial Professional




Residential real estate in florida. Realtor Associatte Apartments and homes. Helping you create the lifestyle that you want.