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Maikol Akintonde
Maikol Akintonde
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I work with all buyers and sellers - both residential and commercial.

Let me explain. 

Usually an Agent will focus on residential or commercial, however when I began my real estate career back in 2001, I was a Real Estate Investor.  I took seminars from well known and highly successful investors, and got mentored  by them too.  I learned everything there was about conducting market research, property analysis (knowing when a property needs major work like foundation or roofing problems, versus those that needed a new furnace, plumbing or mere cosmetics).  I learned how to buy properties the right way.  I also learned how to assemble a team of rehabbers, attorneys and inspectors to help me along the way to get my deals done quickly.  On the flip side of that, I also needed to get my money out of the deal, so I learned how to sell my properties quickly using techniques the average real estate agent wasn't doing - and I still got full market value for them. 

I've purchased, rehabbed and sold homes, condos & townhomes as well as 2 & 3-flats.  I've seen it all, and done it all. By 2003, I became a licensed real estate agent to assist other investors who needed my services and we all did very well.

After the residential market became saturated with "would-be" investors - around 2005, I moved into commercial investing.  This was a whole different animal.  There I had to put together a different type of team of builders, attorneys, architects, engineers and the like.  I learned how to evaluate Income Properties, conduct market analysis, and negotiate the right way. 

By 2008 the market crashed and it was very difficult finding qualified buyers and sellers.  To accomodate the market, I put together a legal resources for Sellers who wanted to keep their homes.  However for those who wanted to sell, I had to quickly learn the new way short sales were being conducted. 

Today my team can get short sells done in about 3 months whereas the industry standard takes 10 months to a year!  Again, it's all about having the right team in place to get deals done. 

I have a lot of experience both in the residential market as well as the commercial market.  I am a homeowner, an investor, and now I'm a broker helping both Buyers and Sellers with their residential or commercial properties. 

Even though the market tanked, I continued to pursue real estate because I love what I do, and I want to assist you with your real estate needs!



For the most people the purchase or sale of a home is their largest single investment. My goal is to guide you successfully through the contractual, investment, and emotional decisions involved.