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Since 1990, community has been at the heart of our magnets. We're a family-owned business located in beautiful southwest Virginia — the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains.

Day after day, our team strives to provide the best experience possible for each of our 35,000 customers. We're constantly seeking out new ways to help our real estate clients market themselves.

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Magnets USA is here to provide information and helpful tips for real estate agents all over the country. Our long-lasting, high-impact personalized magnets (including magnetic calendars and sports schedules) are proven tools to boost your business.

These days, "Made in the USA" doesn't always mean all parts are American-produced. But here at Magnets USA, it's our promise. From magnetic backing and product designs, to the software we use to secure your order, to printing and production, the entire process for our flexible magnetic products is professionally and beautifully crafted right here in Roanoke County.

The only part of our extensive marketing lineup not manufactured in the United States is our LifeLong Cutlery.

Promotional magnets can be personalized by attaching your business card, or we can print your contact information on magnetic calendars, sports schedules and refrigerator magnets. Upload your own photos, schedules, lists and other information to create a custom magnet to fit your exact need and style.

David R.
Just a short note to relay the effectiveness of the magnetic calendars... this will be our 4th year of providing calendars to our area. We now receive requests for the calendar. I anticipate we will receive 8-10 listings from our mail out over the year. From experience we know not all calendars are the same quality. Yours are the best. For the money, this is the most effective marketing tool we utilize.
Jennifer H.
I consistently order the school schedules, football schedules and calendars. I mail the school schedules to my sphere of influence. My clients find them helpful and they also call me for them. I have had direct sales come from my marketing that I send and know it helps build awareness to my business name.
Janet W.
"For someone who is not computer savvy, I found that the Magnets USA website makes life easy."
Wendy B.
"I send out football, baseball and festival schedules consistently! I also always have a stock of the designer notepads for open houses. All this makes my phone ring, ring, ring! How easy is that?
Sheila L.
"I order quite a few marketing materials from Magnets USA. I’ve ordered the recipe calendars for the past few years now, and my clients really like the recipes. It’s something for them to look forward to. I really try to keep my face in front of my clients as much as I can, and what better way to do that than through magnetic marketing."
Glenda G.
"I got a $1 million listing from one magnetic calendar that I sent to a client less than six months ago."
Harry F.
"I have been purchasing football schedules from Magnets USA for three years. I mail and hand-deliver them to prospective clients, as well as various restaurants and sports grills in our market area. These schedules are a valuable part of my marketing program that gets results."
Danny K.
"Just wanted to say how much my clients enjoyed the Jumbo Recipe Calendar magnets I ordered last year. Many clients commented on how delicious and simple the recipes are. It's a pleasure to work with professionals like yourselves."
Ellen B.
"I love Magnets USA! They offer a large selection and great value. I hand out their magnets at every opportunity possible. Every open house, every person I meet and every envelope I mail. One magnet makes thousands in commissions."

An industry leader since 1990, we're here to offer tips, guidance and superior promotional products for real estate agents everywhere.