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If I could guarantee your agents 68% more listings in the next 6 months than they had in the last 6 months would you give me a few minutes to prove it.  We have developed a way to do what most agents thought was impossible.  We've created a way to identify homeowners thinking about selling BEFORE they put their home on the market and before they normally contact an agent.  We offer a performance guarantee and exclusive territories.  These territories will only be available for a limited period of time.  Our program is offered nationally.


 I'm reaching out to agents in the Atlanta area and around the country to determine who has interest in locking down exclusive territories / subdivisions before they are taken by other agents.  We are looking for the top agents within specific markets who want to protect their areas from other agents competing for this listing leads.


 Click on the short learn more video link below. http://vimeo.com/69554530  


 This video link below will go into more detail about how our program works, what's included and how you will benefit.





 I'm confident that we can out-perform any other marketing program your using for listing leads.  Our program has been in the market for over 1 year and growing every day.  We looked at what other marketing companies were offering realtors and improved upon their offerings.  There is no one else in the country offering a program as unique as ours which includes a performance guarantee.



Check out our website:  www.listingleadsengine.com