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Get to Know Larry Craven

The question is why would someone work with me?  Well, I could go on and on about how I have been in the service business for umpteen years but how does that relate to Real Estate?  On the surface. it does because I understand what it means to provide good customer service.  However, I think Real Estate is unlike like most other businesses.  What is it we as Realtors are doing?  We are helping people make probably the most important purchase of their lives.  Some people purchase real Estate as an investment and see the house as a structure to be bought at one price and sold at a higher price.  I'm not interested in working with those folks.  While I would like to sell the most expensive property to make the biggest commission I can, that isn't what brings me pleasure.  No, I'm not independently wealthy so I will take those big commission when they present themselves.  But what I really enjoy is working with the folks who are looking for that house that they can really feel good about purchasing.  That may mean a relatively inexpensive condo or townhouse.  My favorite client was a couple who at the settlement table were so happy to get the keys to their new home that their joy was remarkable.  That was eight years ago and they still live there and thank me again.  This attitude comes from the experience my wife and I had when buying our first home.  It was such a negative experience that I knew that I would never place any of my clients in that same situation.   I enjoy working with people who appreciates someone looking out for their best interests.  This can be a very rewarding vocation.


Having lived in Arlington since 1968 (my first residence was a barracks on Ft. Myer), I have seen the area grow and change.  While I can't know every Northern Virginia neighborhood intimately, I can usually do a good job of matching one's requirements with the geographical area which will serve them the best.  I enjoy working with first-time home buyers because it is a rewarding adventure.  The look on the faces of my clients when they are handed the keys to that first home is inspiring.  Of course I'll work with any client who is serious about buying or selling.  While knowing the industry and maybe certain neighborhoods is important, this is first a people business and I pride myself on being able to connect with people.


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