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When I was first introduced to the real estate business (ahem , more than 20 years ago), there were hundreds of grown men running around the woods with walkie-talkies, announcing an order to a secretary back at the office to "Pull a card on C 131."  The message was code for all of the sales people to converge on Lot C131 with their prospective buyers for a "push."  The sudden appearance of all of these people would act to encourage the first buyers that there are other interested buyers for this lot and that they had better act fast and make a deposit on the lot. The push ploy worked more often than not and a lot of properties were sold this way.  When a particular subdivision was sold out, the salesmen in their giant cadillacs moved on to a new area or even another state.  Rarely did they stick around to see new homes being built, families moving into the neighborhood, children playing at the lakes, familes living and thriving in their homes. "Hit and Run" was the name of the game.

When I began selling real estate, I didn't know anything. I was terrified of the prospects and worried that they would know that I was young and ineperienced and I wouldn't be able to build a repoire with my customers.  When I met a new prospect, I was so nervous that I talked so much -- about myself, about the customers, about what was going on in their lives, what they hoped for their new homes and families.  I spent so much time with my customers that my broker often asked whether I was selling them a house or dating them. 

What I didn't realize was that I was building a relationship with each and every customer. 

Last week, I met a lady at the post office.  I had not seen her for a while. In fact it had been more than 10 years since I sold her a vacation home nearby.  She told me that she and her husband had recently retired and were moving into the community full-time.  She showed me pictures of her grandchildren and I gave her one of my white eggplant seedings which I purchased earlier that day at the nursery.  The converation was as natural as if I ran into her every day.  We were just a couple of neighbors "catching up." Before we parted, the lady told me that she was thinking of selling the vacation home and looking to buy a bigger home. 

In my early days, I also sold a house to a former co-worked. She was a divorced mother of two with very little money and imperfect credit.  Still, I was persistant and she was understanding and in the end, she bought a cozy little bungalow with a non-working fireplace and dark panelling.  She still lives in the house, although it is bearly recognizeable.  Last year, her daughter (now 24) called and said that she was ready to buy her first house.  The mother and I became close friends over the years and I watched this little girl grow up.  Boy did I feel old! 

I have countless stories like these. My customers have become my friends and neighbors. We share news and experiences and have formed a bond and a trust.  I see these people at social events, the gas station, diner and walking their dogs. It's not surprising then that today, many of my sales are from repeat customers or referrals. 

I wonder who I'll meet tomorrow.


I specialize in residential home sales for first-time primary, vacation home buyers, land sales and investment properties. I love working  with first time home buyers and in educating them on the "process" of buying a home. An avid reader and student, I am constantly educating myself and my agents about the latest trends in our market.  A better informed realtor is a better realtor.  I have a vast pool of knowledgeable professionals that I rely upon to assist my buyers and sellers with all of their needs.

In addition to running my new real estate office, I have become involved with my community by volunteering at the local library in adult literacy training, producing the community newsletter and I attend numerous local events like fire company breakfasts and bingo.  Today, I inquired about volunteering to be a dog walker at a local animal shelter -- just hope I don't bring them all home with me -- already have 3 rescue pups. Most recent project is my online newletter, "Shoppe Talk"  You can catch up to me and what's new in my market by logging on to my website at


A Pocono native with more than 20 years' experience. I have been active in many community activities. A large part of my business comes from referrals and repeat customers. It's all about the bonds