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Get to Know Kimble Bosworth

Like so many Realtors®, the bozTEAM didn’t get our start in real estate. We got ourstart on a small renovation project that turned into a big profit. After three more projects that turned into even bigger profits, our Realtor®, Mark Deutchmann encouraged us to go pro, saying, “You’re picking the homes, arranging the financing, and managing the subcontractors; you should earn the commissions.”We took his advice and went to work at Village Real Estate Services.

While the bozTEAM started as a personal venture, it expanded quickly. Together with friend, Suzy Ryan, we created a networking group called Remodeler’s Anonymous – a support group for people hooked on remodeling for profit. The group’s goal was to help others connect with resources and gain knowledge to remodel for profit…responsibly.

“It’s not just putting lipstick on a pig,” I often explain. “It has to be the right house, the right timing, the right financing, the right contractors, the right finishes, and the right marketing plan.”

As Boz managed the team’s infrastructure and the bozPROJECTS and I continued helping clients find their own homes we formalized the bozTEAM around three principles:

1)   Responsible remodeling: Each bozPROJECT reflects quality inside and out. It will be pre-inspected, professionally restored, and designed to be the perfect home for it’s new people. 

2)   Exceptional customer service:  We only work with one buyer and one seller at a time. Our customers get our undivided attention throughout the buying or selling process. They should feel like they’re the only ones we work with – they ARE!

3)   Charitable Commitment: The bozTEAM gives a portion of every transaction to charity. Additionally, we mentor young real estate investors and teach classes to new real estate agents. 

Our business plan is risky. It’s founded on the belief that the bozPROJECTS’ profits support the team’s commitment to one-on-one customer service. So far, the plan has been a huge success. “The biggest problem,” we jokingly say, “Is our lack of signs in yards. They just don’t stay there long.” The time that we spend up front preparing the sellers for the process, fixing the homes’ problems, staging, networking with other Realtors® and building the marketing plans for each listing usually pays off in a contract within the first weeks. And all that without a picture on a business card or shopping cart.

We keep the pictures of us to a minimum. It’s about our renovation projects and our clients. We’re not sure we can sustain our commitment to only work with one buyer and one seller at a time. But we can honor our promise to make every client feel like our only one. And, even if you miss the sign in the yard; you’ll definitely recognize the quality of the project houses and you’ll probably recognize the advertising. For starters, it’s upside down.


The teams plan evolved in 2008, when we started a marketing company, Proforma Printelligence. Now, we mostly consult for others - Realtors, delvelopers and entire real estate companies. We help them build their brands and highlight their reputations. We help them stay relevant, cutting edge and bring the customers to their doors. Whether it's social media training, marketing ideas or online corporate stores with targeted and consistenly branded marketing materials; Proforma helps our customers reach thier target audience and market themselves and their properties with style at reduced expense.


While we take our jobs very seriously, we are doing things a little differently because our clients have asked us to. We don't specialize in just one area of town or one type of buyer and seller. We actually appeal to the folks who have not yet seen the value of a real estate agent. We believe, however, quite strongly in that value. In fact, most of the business we do is through networking with other agents.


We're a targeted marketing partner - with years of experience as Realtors, developers and marketing professionals. We help you build your brand & market properties in ways that set you apart.