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Turning the American Dream into Reality
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With over 10 years of nationally recognized award winning customer service, I set myself apart from other agents by understanding each of my client's situations and developing unique strategies for them. I have been an active Realtor since 2003 working with a range of clients from, first time home buyers and experienced home sellers to seasoned flipping professionals and rental income investors. I enjoy working all aspects of real estate and don't find pleasure dedicating all my time to one particular niche of the market place. I see my brand as a service that should be available to everyone and not something limited to only a privileged few. Along with my day to day business I am currently working on 2 projects that I hope will be the bulk of my business in the next 2 years or less.


My first area of expertise is default servicing. I have been an active PAS Default / BPO Agent now for a little over a year and have found it to be tough but rewarding. I am hoping to expand this revenue stream by establishing partnerships with local or nation wide lenders who have a presence here in Nashville and surrounding counties. To better service these accounts I have transitioned my office from just a paper and pencil operation to a completely digital setup. In other words, we can work at lightning speed and integrate our practice standards to meet any lenders requirements.

Secondly I am working on providing real estate benefits to corporations and their employees. I have gathered a team of professionals from, appraisers and lenders to inspectors and closing agents, who have all come together and worked out substantial discounts on their services as a benefit to corporations and their employees. This project provides a substantial benefit and can save employees of the companies who sign up with us a minimum discount of 2500.00. on each real estate transaction of 100,000.00 or more.


Experienced Realtor since 2003 with a distinguishing focus on unparalleled customer service and ethical practices. I work with both buyers and seller with a concentration on default servicing.