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I am a long time hobbiest photographer who transitioned into a full time professional in March 2010.  Real estate photography provides fun challenges with each listing photographed.  I have an extensive list of camera bodies, lenses, filters, off camera lighting and support that allows me to put my skills to work, lighting and exposing each photo to highlight the listings' positive features while downplaying any negative features.


I follow several nationally known real estate and architectural photographers, and try to attend at least two real estate photography specific workshops each year.  I like to keep up with current and future technology and provide the latest services to my clients. 


Not all listings are going to require professional photography, and I understand that.  However, the listings that do require it should embrace the skills and technical know how that a professional can provide.  High end listings beg to be photographed - they are typically well decorated and feature architectural elements that captivate potential buyers.  Knowing how to compose and light these elements is my favorite things about real estate photography. 

An additional feature I am capable of providing is video.  A video composed of still images from your listing's photo session is an economical way to get buyers' attention.  Even better are actual video tours including a gliding camera that walks the buyer through the listing and focuses on special features around the listing.

Virtual tour providers have absolutely flooded the real estate market, and with little difference between the various tours, it can be hard to determine which would better suit your listings.  I am available for consultations regarding choosing a tour company to host your virtual tours, as well as helping you learn how to effectively use your chosen tour.  For those who would rather me take care of the tour process, I can provide and host an economical, contemporary tour solution for you or your agency.

Elevated photography is another option for providing a "bird's eye" view of your listing to show additional acreage or estate area, or to show the listing's proximity to canals and waterfront. 

I have several billing options, from paying upon sale, discounts for payment up front, negotiated flat rates for entire agencies and volume discounts based on the individual agent. 


I am a professional photographer who provides quality photographic and video services to real estate agents, brokers and agencies. I can help agents decide on virtual tour providers, or utilize my ow