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Jack LeVine
Mid Century Modern Homes and Historic neighborhood
location_on Las Vegas, NV — Bella Vegas Homes
Get to Know Jack LeVine

30 years and and well over 1300 transactions will give you a good idea of my experience. I focus on the downtown and midtown urban core of Las Vegas. Our mission is to sprinkle a colorful, vintage layer of fun on top of my very impeccable real estate reputation. My biggest challenge is educating other REALTORS that Vintage Vegas is nothing like they think.

The medium age home in Las Vegas is 1993. The new homes are WAY far out, and 2 tankfuls of gas a week if you have to commute to the strip 

Vintage Vegas is changing daily. Everywhere I look there's another home being gutted or preserved. We totally dedicated to preserving the terrific original neighborhoods that was Las Vegas before the big population explosion.

 Our neighborhoods have huge lots, and big trees, and space between the homes. We're only a 5 or 10 minute drive to the Las Vegas STRIP, Downtown, UNLV and the airport.

We jokingly call the Urban Core of Las Vegas "Very Vintage Vegas". OLD is 1950. There's practically NOTHING left of pre WWW2 housing. Las Vegas was only 25,000 people in 1940.

Find out for yourself that there's something very different available


My focus is on pre 1970 Las Vegas. Geographically, that's most anything within 2 or 3 miles of the strip. That's all the bigger Las Vegas was in 1970. Some of our neighborhoods are architecturally important. Some were smaller starter homes and still are today. Many have been expanded.

We pay particular attention to trying to preserve the character, charm, and style of the homes and neighborhoods, and work dilligently trying to get people to make the homes "functionally modern" yet carefully preserved.

Mid-Century Modern is our favorite style of home. It grew up in the 40's and 50's and 60's based on the work of notable architects such as Frank Lloyde Wright, Eichler, Palmer and Kessel.

Both buyers and sellers need to understand that SQUARE FOOTAGE alone does not determine the value of a home. The formula involves many factors such as modernization of plumbing, windows, insulation, heat and air, electricity, roofs. Decor and functionality plays a big role. Architectural and Style integrety is important.  The immediate neighbor's properties play a big part in VALUE. Unlike the suburbs, where "everything is the same", we have to treat each and every home as a unique one of a kind piece of real estate. There are NO TWO ALIKE in Very Vintage Vegas.


We call the original Las Vegas...VeryVintageVegas. The pre 1970 urban core is a vibrant, fun, colorful and exciting place to live in Las Vegas. We're the opposite of the "soulless suburbia".