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Moving and Relocating


Tim Callanan has lived in several places around the Caribbean from the Virgin Islands to the Florida Keys,
but has called Ambergris Caye home for over 15 years. Tim and his lovely wife fell in love with the island on their first visit.
They were drawn to the island originally for the diving and snorkeling and soon found out they would be taking up residance for many other reasons. They first met in the Virgin Islands in 1991.Tim left Boston because of the cold winters and
Tina Left Texas for the lifestyle. They spent several years visiting neighboring islands like Tortola,Yost
Van Dike, Virgin Gorda, St.John, St Thomas,and many other Countries before finding Belize.

Moving to Belize was a breeze for them. They pulled their anchor and relocated several times till they knew they found their island paradise. They both continue to brag about Belizeans being very friendly and encourage people to come down on a scouting mission or vacation for a taste of the good life. Tim is known for warning people that the trip may change their life,like it did theirs.

Tim's family has been active in the real estate industry for decades,this was not something that interested him until they relocated to Belize. When he moved to the island people started asking him questions about relocating and investing more and more as the word got out about Belize. Sharing information and getting to know new people was something they both enjoyed.
Tim is well known for going the extra mile. He consistantly takes it upon himself to make sure peolpe don't make common
mistakes when relocating or investing in Belize.


The extensive knowledge Tim has obtained from investing and living on various islands and has been an asset and proven invaluable in his real estate career. He considers his strengths to be extensive Market knowledge and trends in Belize, along with excellent negotiating skills.He paticularly enjoys working with retirees and folks trying to get out of the cold and find their piece of paradise. When not selling real estate Tim enjoys attending various charity events held on the island,and mentoring and
educating the youth on island.




Tim works with people that are in the market for vacation homes, income rentals, people looking to retire or just investment properties. This includes people looking to relocate fulltime or parttime.

The wealth of information Tim can share about investing in Belize will be value to anyone wanting to relocate. Tim built their
home in Belize, shipped commercial and houshold goods, and has helped countless people and families relocate with ease.
Moving to Belize does not have to be a foreighn experience. The people Tim has helped have enjoyed the process
because they knew Tim would be beside them every step of the way. Tim will be around long after the sale. After all; you
will then be nieghbors and Tim wants to make sure your move goes smoothly.

Belize being an English speaking country made it easy to adapt to the island life. Because Belize is part of the British Commonwealth of England, the laws are very similiar to the United States and Cananda. Tim insists on getting to know you and the goals that you want to achieve to ensure satisfaction. Ambergris Caye is a very comfortable place to move too, the infastructure and services are similiar in most cases in relation to Canada and the states and many other larger countries.


Caribbean Elite Services will be able to help you with Belize's very generous retirement program which allows you
to bring all your household goods and vehicles duty free.They will also be able to assess if the program is for you.
Some folks may not want to enroll in the program if they plan to work in Belize.Under the program you would not be able to work in the country of Belize. Contact Tim for the finer details.


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