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We offer a unique product to prospective homeowners that's different from much of new construction built today.  Our restored homes offer modern comfort but with the interior details and materials - flooring, exposed framing (where applicable), doors, mantles, wrought iron hardware - of the original home.  Our homes are NOT reproductions - new materials that have been "distressed" to look old.  No, we find antique homes (largely 18th century) that are currently unliveable and will be destroyed if something isn't done to save them.  They can't stay on their current sites, so one solution is to dismantle and rebuild them elsewhere.  That means finding a way to combine new construction techniques and materials with the original home's authentic materials and floor plans.  We've figured out how to do this.Why do it? Several reasons: to offer homebuyers wonderful value using restored antique materials combined with the best of today's construction techniques.  Our new old homes have today's insulation, wiring, plumbing, foundations, roofing - all the good stuff - while the interiors offer the beautiful flooring, brick fireplaces, wainscotng, mantles, doors that have been hand made centuries ago. Second, to offer one-of-a kind homes to homebuyers.  Third, to connect today's families with the families who built and lived in these homes - we provide copies of deeds and the history of our homes to the new homebuyer.  The sense of owning an heirloom - something rare and unique - is part of buying a restored homestead.Our homes are so unusual that we have been featured in local newspapers, and OnSite with Restore America sponsored by HGTV in collaboration with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  A future home, The Ebenezer Pierce homestead, will be featured in a future issue of Country Living magazine. This is a wonderful opportunity for a homebuyer to get in on the ground floor - so to speak!We welcome working with Buyer agents!  Call us anytime! 
Use this section to write about your specific area's of expertise. Do you specialize in first time buyers - listing high end homes - etc. Are there specific market area's that you specialize in? The more you write about your area's of expertise the more knowledgeable you'll sound to a potential buyer or seller.We have assembled a group of very special local contractors who are experienced working with antique materials.  You'd be surprised how few there are: masons who can build center chimney structures with multiple fireboxes, carpenters who can both frame and produce superior interior finish work, plumbers who can plumb, and electricians who can wire a house well!  The list goes on - but our group represents the best of the best, in our opinion.  Our homes require a great deal of hand labor to restore and refinish much of the antique material found in them.  Inevitably, our homes appraise at a higher price than we sell them, in part because appraisers generally have never seen new construction quite like this, and because the interior materials are of such high quality. And there is nothing else like our new old homes on the market!Please visit our website to see our current project for sale, the Maxcy Fisher homestead, and view slide shows of how we re-assemble the old houses inside new construction "envelopes".  Our building story is completely "transparent" - you can see how we build homes from the ground up!

We dismantle, re-assemble, restore endangered antique homes in New England. We create new old homes for sale combining the best of today's amenities with the character and quality of yesteryear.