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Get to Know Joy and Linda Sloane

Why Stage??

When your listings are on the market, they are generally not the only houses for sale.  Buyers look at many houses before deciding which one to purchase.  So how can you guarantee that they'll remember yours??  Stage them!!!

With Home Staging, homes are unforgettable.  The goal of staging your listings is to make buyers feel emotionally connected to your homes.  You want buyers to feel welcome, like they can move their things into your listings and instantly feel that they belong there.

Why should we help you?

One big problem that we notice happening a lot in real estate is the reluctance on the part of a home owner to do the suggestions that their listing agent makes.  For example, when a home owner has lived in their home for some time, they become emotionally connected to it.  They tend to overlook the cabinets that have faded, the now- outdated fixtures and the colors on their walls that they love, but others may not want.  The listing agent comes in and suggests the changes and often the sellers choose not to listen.  This is where we help.  We can come in and help them see what someone looking at their home to purchase it can see, as an objective third party professional.  We've noticed a greater receptivity to our suggestions because we aren't involved in the actual selling of the home.  With this approach, we can help your home owners feel the need to make changes to their home, and we will help them make the changes causing instant results and tons of excitement.  Then your listing becomes a dream to everyone involved.  And BAM, there's another sale!!

Why do we do what we do??

We are a family owned and run business.  We are artistic and we love to help people.  We see the heartache that listings just sitting on the market can cause, and we want to make your sales as quick and smooth as are possible.  We want to help you sell your listings as quickly as they can be sold, because we want to make both your life and the home owner's life easier.


"Thank you for transforming my listings from drab and boring to fresh airy

and light. I have had several vacant homes that sold after you guys came inwith your staging magic. We sold much faster than the competitive listingsin the area. (In fact, some are still on the market at lower prices aftermany...many months) We love you Homes Enriched..."

Belinda Richard, Avalar Real Estate NW

"Thank you so much for helping with the sale of our home - My only regret was that we didn't do it sooner.  You did a great job and we really appreciate it."

Gail, private home owner


We are a family owned & run home staging/interior design company. Our goal is to help everyone involved so we take the risk with you by charging most of our staging fees at closing. We'd love to help!