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Our belief is to honor our clients needs above anything else. Characteristically speaking, we believe, that honoring someone's needs ahead of your own consists of THREE important qualities that are displayed in our services:

1. Truthfulness - "Doing what we say we will do for our clients"

2. Faithfulness - "Following through with our commitments we've made to them"

3. Honor - "The needs of our clients are first before our own"

This is a basic definition of the word "Agape", additionally, the word "Agape" means to love others, the way Christ has loved the world. Inherently, man has sinned and fallen from God's glory but sacrificially, Christ put our needs of atonement, redemption and restoration ahead of his own as He went to the cross to die for the world. His death has given us new life. The principal of sacrifice fuels our purpose in our business setting and helps us honor the person who makes it all possible, Jesus Christ.

To achieve success, we believe that FOUR main pricipals must be practiced by every employee:

1. Time - Use our time to serve and help others!

2. Talent - Use our personal gifts to encourage those we work with!

3. Touch - Reach out to people and make an impact in their lives!

4. Treasure - Reinvesting our financial resources in others and organizations that can make an impact across the world for Jesus Christ.

These principals are essential to the way our business is operated.

Thank you for using our services and telling your friends and family about us.

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