John M. Acaron, CMI, MRSA, Master Mold Inspector & Chief Mold Assessor (INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST) Home Inspector



John M. Acaron, CMI, MRSA
Master Mold Inspector & Chief Mold Assessor
location_on The Villages, FL — INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST
HI-80 & MRSA1895
Get to Know John M. Acaron, CMI, MRSA

John. M. Acaron, Sr. is a State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor, Chief Mold Inspector at IMS, State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector, former Residential Contractor, Engineer and the "ONLY" Board Certified Master Inspector (CMI) performing Mold Assessments, Mold Inspections, Mold Testing: Residential, Commercial, Military facilities, Hospitals, Clinics among others in: The Villages, Ocala, Belleview, Clermont, Lady Lake, Leesburg, Fruitland Park, Mount Dora, Eustis, Summerfield,  Crystal River, Inverness, Newberry, Gainesville, Orlando, Florida area.  John M. Acaron is fully bilingual in Spanish and English.


          *   John M. Acaron is Board Certified Master Inspector & Retired Engineer (BSME &  TDME) DOD/NAVY.

          *   John is "FULLY Bilingual": English & Spanish

          *   Former Residential Contractor (Large scale Homes)

          *   State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector: #HI-80

          *   State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor: #MRSA-1895

          *   Chief Mold Inspector / IMS

          *   Free Consulting for 30 days after your Mold Inspection

          *   "TOTALLY UNBIASED" Straight to the Point when performing a Mold Assessment

          *    One Objective in Mind: To Discover What Is "Wrong" With The Property


INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST sets the standards for Mold Inspectors & Commercial Inspectors in The Villages, Lady Lake, Leesburg, Clermont, Tavares, Fruitland Park, Summerfied, Mount Dora, Eustis, Clermont, Ocala, Belleview, Micanopy, Gainesville, Newberry and Waldo, Florida aea.  Our experiance, expertise and knowledge set us apart from the AVERAGE Mold Assessors / Inspectors. We provide a peace of mind to our clents. We are totally independant and have NO association with any REALTOR, MORTGAGE COMPANY or CONTRACTOR. We do no participate in any Real Estate Company Vendor Program's nor do we have any association with any loan bidding contractor's. It is a CONFLICT of interest and NOT in favor to the client. We have only ONE objective in mind when performing an inspection: "To discover what is wrong with the property".


If you are looking for The Villages Mold Inspector, Lady Lake Mold Inspector, Ocala Mold Inspector, Leesburg Mold Inspector, Summerfield Mold Inspector, Mount Dora, Eustis,  Clermont, Inspector, Gainesville Mold Inspector, Newberry Mold Inspector, give us a call at (352) 633-3591 or visit us at: INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST.  


                                  "Price Is What You Pay, Value Is What You Get" 

                                Our clients come FIRST and always will be FIRST!  

Our services also include: Comprehensive Mold Inspections, Mold Assessments, Mold Testing, Water Testing, Medical facilities, Government (county, state and federal), among others. We write our Home & Commercial Mold Inspection reports. We do not use a computer generated canned check list program with symbols and cartoons like our competitors. Our reports are detailed to each property and depict clearly the issues found during the inspection field work.  We are renowned in our area of business (The Villages, Wildwood, Leesburg,  Summerfield, Ocala, Gainesville, Micanopy, Newberry, Mount Dora, Tavares, Clermont &  Lady Lake, Orlando) for "ZERO TOLERANCE" when performing an inspection!

We at INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST are experienced, seasoned professionals (Engineers by Degree and Trade & Chemist) taking care of your investment. We will give you the best bang for your bucks!. Results on the spot with NO sugar coating the findings, just the facts! Please, check out our home page at: HOME INSPECTOR USA / INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST.






Mold Inspection & Mold Assessments

Mold Inspection & Mold Assessments


HOME INSPECTOR USA / INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST (John M. Acaron) is a State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector & State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor / Inspector, BSME (Mechanical Engineer) and is proud member of InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), International Association of Certified Air Consultants (IAC2), Environmental Solutions Association (ESA), and Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA).

We have teamed up with the leading providers of environmental laboratories testing services in the world such as: Pro-Lab, Environmental Testing & Research (ETR) and Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMSL). We are also certified IAC2 (Indoor Air Consultants). Our corporate members hold degrees in Engineering, Chemistry-Bio and Science & Technology with vast experience in residential & commercial construction.  

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Oscar Trujillo
If you are lucky enough to have found Indoor Microbial Specialist (IMS) while browsing the internet and are considering having them do a mold assessment in Gainesville, you need look no further. IMS /John M. Acaron is a consummate professional with the specialized knowledge to do the job. They will go above and beyond to determine the cause and type of mold you are dealing with. They will provide a comprehensive report with photos, charts and technical information of the assessment. John was very responsive to the urgency of our request. He was able to work us in to his very business schedule and communicated with us throughout the process. The report provided was extremely professional and on time. Thank you John! We are fortunate to have found you. Oscar Trujillo
I have used multiple mold specialist in the past. I must say Indoor Microbial Specialist is a client’s dream come true. He’s educated, informative, had a really fast turn around, gave a detailed report and certainly had our best interest at heart. I truly thank John and his team for all their efforts and patience!
Terry Smith
Dear John, You did an Absolutely Tremendous job. Thank you so very much for all your help. I have been in sports and in business all around the world, and you are as professional, and as efficient, organized, and disciplined as any person I have ever met. You are an extremely impressive person. Thank you so very much. Take care and I look forward to hopefully getting to meet you someday. Thank you very much, Terry
Wifi Rich
I can’t say enough great things about IMS. So professional so kind and compassionate. I had a huge water leak and mold developed. We were getting sick at the house and our doctor recommended that we have the house tested for mold. I called John Acaron nearly hysterical because we feared mold contamination. John provided guidance and explained to us the entire process. Integrity honest polite and compassionate can easily describe Mr. Acaron. If you have a mold issue at home call them, you will be satisfied with his company services. They are the best. We need more people like John. God blessed him!
Rose Salazar
I highly recommend John Acaron with HIUSA! He was professional, thorough, knowledgeable, courteous, and he didn’t mind that my kids followed him around everywhere he went, they made a new friend :) He would be my first and only choice for home inspection or mold inspection! Thank you, John, the world is a better place for people/professionals like you!
Beverly Fricks
John was so very thorough; he explained the different kinds of mold we had in our home. His remediation plan was amazing; the restoration company followed it exactly and we passed the retest on the first try! Thanks, John! He was always very accessible; easy to work with and came to the house when needed.
Lary White
We have suffered so much after hurricane Michael. Our home had many water leaks and we were getting sick. I contacted HOME INSPECTOR USA / INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST and Mr. Acaron became our salvation. He performed a Mold screening and took many air samples. Quickly he was able to identified many issues with Mold and counsel us regarding the consequences of been exposed to Mold. His assessment report was on point denoting our Mold Issues and recommended action. We thank you John for been so honest and for giving us your advice. Because of John now we are on our way to have our home remediated. It was a great blessing to find Mr. Acaron. Mr. Acaron’s professionalism and knowledge is second to none. His attention to detail is impeccable. He possesses a great deal of knowledge, experience and expertise. We are so grateful for his services. We highly recommend Mr. Acaron to anybody having issues with mold. Thanks, John!
Susan Shaw
Mr. Acaron / INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST did an excellent analysis for us on the home we were planning to purchase. The home appeared to be in excellent condition. However, thanks to their thorough inspection showing moisture behind the walls and floors and independent lab analysis of the air samples taken, toxic mold was discovered inside the living space. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND making the investment in their service you will not regret it.
Kellie Mcpherson
Great job Mr. Acaron. We thank you for helping our family. Because of your Mold Assessment report now we feel confident that our home is free of mold. Now we can address our health issues with our Doctor. We were so worried that the problem with our allergies had to do with the house and it is not. Your services was worth every penny. Thanks!!
Nancy Golly
HOME INSPECTIONS & MOLD INSPECTIONS (HIUSA) did an excellent analysis for us on the home we were planning to purchase. The home appeared to be in excellent condition. However, thanks to their thorough inspection showing moisture behind the walls and floors and independent lab analysis of the air samples taken, toxic mold was discovered. I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND making the investment in their service!!!
Jamil Rao
We had a musty odor smell in our home and my wife was suffering from respiratory problem, we contacted Mr. Acaron (Indoor Microbial Specialist / HOMEINSPECTORUSA) to visit our home and perform a Mold Assessment. Mr. Acaron expertise is second to none. It only took him less than 25 minutes to identify the root cause of the problem. He spend almost two hours doing a Mold Screening and taking air samples. The air testing results revealed mold contamination. When we got his Mold Assessment report it was very detailed and easy to understand. He recommended Mold remediation and after the remediation was done, we now are enjoying our home free of mold. Thanks John for a great job.
Bill Summers
Our home had many water leaks and we were getting sick. I contacted d Mr. Acaron and he performed a Mold screening and took air samples. Quickly he was able to identified many issues with Mold and counsel us regarding the consequences of been exposed to Mold. His assessment report was on point denoting our Mold Issues and recommended action. We thank you John for been so honest and for giving us your advice. Because of John now we are on our way to have our home remediated. Mr. Acaron’s attention to detail is impeccable. He possesses a great deal of knowledge, experience and expertise regarding mold contamination. We highly recommend Mr. Acaron to anybody having issues with mold.
Dr. James Gonte
We were very impressed with Mr. Acaron professionalism. His attention to detail is impeccable. He possesses a great deal of knowledge, experience and expertise and he has a passion for helping his clients understand the issues he finds in the house. It is apparent that he takes great pride in his work and we are grateful for his service. We highly recommend John to anyone! Thanks, John for a job well done.
Bryce Jackson, MD
Mr. Acaron is prompt, courteous, and thorough. His work is excellent and I highly recommend him.
Meghan Boden
John was very thorough in his inspection to be sure that everything was as it should be. Things that were a potential concern were shown to me as well and his reports were also highly detailed and thorough with associated photos from his inspection process. He was professional and courteous. He comes highly recommended for anyone that needs a home or mold inspection done right.
Lisa Gross
Lisa Gross 5 Stars reviews 4 days ago- I will never be able to thank this man enough! Being in North Carolina and having a child that is a college student in FL and being unknowingly exposed to mold and becoming sick from it and me being helpless to help. The good impression began with him answering his phone on a Saturday, followed by driving immediately over to the property. Then answering my questions thoroughly and giving us a military discount. Followed by being in constant contact with me and being honest and extremely helpful. This man went above and beyond! Thank you John
Amy Alexander
I am very grateful for Mr. Acaron. I am new to home buying and he was so thorough and taught me what he was looking at all along the way. He also had very helpful thoughts and contacts for other aspects of the process. Definitely recommend him!! Thank you!
Eileen B.
We are so happy to find you to address our issue with mold. You were able to identified and perform the Mold Assessment and for that I am grateful. You were also able to point out many things that our home inspector missed to identified. Thank you John
C Berry
It was great meeting and working with you on our home inspection in the Villages. Great job! Thanks
J Levia
We were blessed to find HOME INSPECTOR USA and hire John t do a Mold Assessment in our business. He discovered the problem of the water intrusion and the mold issue. Performed a Mold Assessment and we got the business back up again. Thanks John!
Edward Borch
HOME INSPECTOR USA / John Acaron conducted a Mold Screening and Testing to develop a Mold Assessment on our property. The process was quite interesting watching John checking and testing the entire property for moisture intrusion or red flags. The Testing was also interesting as he set up the equipment to draw air through the system. We were very impressed with John's knowledge regarding issues with airborne spores. Great job. Thanks John.
Otilio Gonzalez
We thank John for a great Home inspection and Mold Testing. Because his inspection and report we were able to save a substantial amount of money during negotiations. Thanks for a job well done. Thanks John
Dan Leighly
Thank you for your professional inspection, report, and promptness. I appreciate all of your added comments and advice. Thanks again, Dan Leighly
Mrs. Wilma Wasserman
Hire HOME INSPECTOR USA Mr. John Acaron to do a Mold inspection and testing on our home because issues with respiratory problems. John check the entire house and proceeded with air testing. Very impressive the process. He did a great job identifying areas of concern and others that required repairs to prevent water intrusion. Great report with specific guidance. He was able to find the problem and now we are getting our insurance to take action. We highly recommend Mr. Acaron.
Jeff Williamson
Happy to have hired HOMEINSPECTORUSA / John. Great inspection. It took John 3.3 hours to do the field work. Once he was done we went over all the pictures and he point it out all defects, issues and safety problems. He also gave us ideas on how to improve the property. We are very happy that we were able to hire John Acaron /HOMEINSPECTORUSA
Nelson Matos
Excellent work John! We were very impressed and satisfied with your professional service. Great inspection and great report! We definitely recommend you to our family and friends!! Keep up the good work! Thanks!
We hired HOME INSPECTOR USA / John M. Acaron to perform a Home Inspection on new home. John did a great job not only he was very detailed and particular but also precise looking for issues in the house. He spends three hours inspecting the home from top to bottom. He was able to identify many problems not visible to us. We were very impressed with his knowledge regarding the house components. He also did for us a Mold screening revealing in one area moisture intrusion. His report was very detail and easy to read. Very good report! We were very lucky to hire John Acaron. We highly recommend HOME INSPECTOR USA / John M. Acaron.
Shirley S
HOMEINSPECTORUSA (John) performed a Mold Inspection, Mold Testing and a Mold Assessment. We were getting sick inside the living space. John came to the house gave us a quick brief and proceeded with his Mold Screening following with IAQ (Air ) Testing. The job took approximately 1.8 hours. He took 6 IAQ samples. The screening was very interesting as he uses his high tech equipment to find areas suspect of water intrusion. His report was very detail with pictures of the set ups and pictures of the areas tested. Two reports were provide (HIUSA report and the Lab detail report). Because of his excellent job now we know why we were getting sick. Highly recommend John if you have issues with Mold.
Chris Floyd
As an insurance professional, it's good to know who you can trust. I always trust the inspections that John does are going to be accurate and thorough. He's a valued part of my team!
Rafael R
We selected HOMEINSPECTORUSA / John after considering other home inspectors in the area. His proposal was very detail depicting exactly what he was going to do. It gave us the confidence that we needed to hire him for the job. We met at the house and he briefly explained to us his process in doing the inspection. He was very detail oriented and spend about three hours inspecting, testing and identifying issues. Great job by the way. Never could imagine how important is was to get a home inspection. We are now confident that we made the right decision. Thanks to John knowledge and expertise we made the right decision. Kudos to John! we highly recommend HOMEINSPECTOR USA / John Acaron

Board Certified Master Inspector, Licensed Mold Assessor, Licensed Home Inspector & Engineer (BSME & TDME). Residential & Commercial Mold Inspections. Fully Bi-lingual (Spanish & English)