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Choose a 25 years experienced Real Estate Broker and Seniors Real Estate Specialist to help in selling in Santa Cruz, Capitola,- Aptos- Monterey- Carmel and Pebble Beach Markets

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I live in a beautiful area and enjoy helping others who want to live in the lovely Monterey Bay area.Buying a home is a commitment, financially and emotionally. You talk, I listen, and we will find you the right home together.  I want to make the experience as easy and understandable as possible to keep you smiling, relaxed and comfortable with the process of buying and/or selling a Santa Cruz home. You may decide that a home in Carmel is more your style and I can help you there too.

Having been employed in various construction related jobs and been financially and emotionally invested in fixer uppers, I find that I have an ability to visualize changes that a client may want to make to a property. Most Santa Cruz real estate won't be perfect and will need some work. Having this construction background enables me to assist a buyer or seller with the probable time/effort /return for changes they might want to make. Determining value before and after is helpful in determining purchase/sales strategies.  Staging a home for sale is important to the selling process. Knowing which things to spend time and money on to generate the highest return is an important part of selling your home. Being an active agent, I am able to assist in determining what it is worth and how much more it would it be worth with particular improvements. This process begins the strategy of negotiating, the what if, why and when.

I earned the special designation of Senior Residential Specialist by the Senior Advantage Real Estate Council. This allows me to specialize in assisting seniors who need advice about their homes and rental properties.  With this certification, I am able to help seniors make decisions about selling the family home, buying rental property, managing capital gains and estate tax implications of owning real estate, reverse mortgage, and other issues.I am active in our community in fundraising for the Alzhaimers Assocation, support Big Brothers/Big Sisters, United Way, Second Harvest Food Bank, St Francis Catholic Soup Kitchen, Red Cross and a few others. 

People like calls returned whether the news is good or bad. I'd rather fix a small problem than ignore it and let it become a big one.

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Having been involved in real estate for over 20 years, I have been a first time buyer, investor, homeowner and seller. I know the steps and where the process can go awry. I like to educate so when we find the right home or investment you can easily make the decision. Once you understand the process and market things go much easier and are far less daunting. Markets change between buying and sellers markets. Learning where we are in that process and realizing that real estate is a 5-10 year investment helps put perspective on what an investment may realize.Also most importantly this is your home and that trumps all.