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Experience and committment to my clients...I go way above and beyond when working for my clients. With over 10 years experience I have seen a lot of different situations that have required creativity, knowledge, and at times a contribution of my own commission to get the deal done in my clients best interest. 

Sellers, getting you more money for you home... Paying less commission... that is my pledge to you.  I offer a reduced commission rate if I find the customer for your home. You truly should interview more than one realtor when thinking of selling your home.  Quite often you will get very different opinions on the value of your home.  Get involved on how they came to their conclusion, ask questions, and be aware that some brokers will give you a high price in hopes you will list with them.

Buyers, I could write a novel on reasons why you should have a buyers agent.  You owe it to yourself to at least read my blogs about buyer agency the pros and cons of hiring a realtor.

Call or email me with any questions and I will not hound you after, just give you an honest answer, sound advice, and if we can form a relationship and do business together in the future, then great. Just know you have a place you can ask questions and get advice without the hassles of worrying if your email will be full of unwanted requests.


I don't claim to be an expert in anything... there is always more to learn and others to learn from.

I do have experience in subdivisions and land developement. 

Investment properties are something that I deal in frequently and therefore can assist in someone looking to purchase or sell investment property. I personally own investment property, and I would strongly suggest if you are going to use a realtor either buying or selling investment property that you use a realtor who owns investment property.  They naturally are going to be more informed about potential problems and have dealt with the rental market fluxuations.

Represtenting Buyers is something I truly enjoy.  Well qualified or stuggling for various reasons, it is a pleasure to help someone find that property that is perfect for them to start a home, a new life, retire, or just upgrading to a bigger home.

Selling homes that other brokers have trouble selling.  Being creative with marketing and getting the listing out to the right market areas is something that I strive to stay on top of.

Getting everyone to the closing table.  That is the goal for all parties involved and keeping everyone focused on that is sometimes not as simple as one might think.  A good realtor can easily make the difference in whether a deal closes or falls apart. 


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