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Gary Johansen
location_on Roseville, CA — Independent Broker
CA 01388191, OR 850400191
Get to Know Gary Johansen

If you have single family residential rentals then I'm the broker for you.  With over 40 years of real estate experience, you can count on my judgment and ability to work with your properties and tenants.

I understand the unique problems and opportunities of single family rentals, either in a subdivision or semi-rural properties.  I currently own rentals in 3 states and believe that well managed residential rentals are an outstanding investment.


While I've had rentals myself for over 40 years, when I moved to CA I also re-experienced the other side of the coin.  I moved to California and rented a home for a year.  This has given me a new empathy for both landlords and tenants. 

I currently own rentals in 3 states and am still acquiring rental houses.  I'm also a database programmer.  This allows me to manage, use and evaluate huge amounts of data.  I deal in both listed and unlisted properties. 

I hold a brokers license in multiple states.