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 My name is Patrick Weeks. I am 37 years of age. I am Single. I am a Libra. I have lived a colored life. I grew up in Memphis Tn. I was fortunate to have a private school education, but I certainly was quite public. My parents are from SanRafael Ca area. I have one brother Casey and a niece Leeann. My Grandmother still survives at the age of ""

I went to college at Shelby State and State Tech in Tn. I played football, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf and wrestling in HighSchool. I was also on the public airwaves at age 16 reporting the news. I enjoyed Girls, Music, Playing in bands and , being way too full of myself.

I moved to AZ , I was in my first house by 24. I worked in IT mostly as a product manager. and Later became a Public speaker on network security and an expert in Patch Management. Then I sold my house took off on the road for many years to discover my true innerself. I knew there was something about me that I couldnt label. I took a job with NPR in Arizona.I was a successful musican I play guitar, piano and sing. I currently do not own an instrument, but I can play them. I lived in Hawaii for over a year in the North Shore surfing and working with the Homeless. IE: Me at that time. I came back from that experience with a new understanding of life that seemed to make sense to only me at that time.

I am extremely spiritual and well versed on the bible I dedicated the last six or seven years with out a tv, friends, music. I even donated my "ride"at that time.  Ultimately things came together for me. I spoke to some people at the National Guard and then I realized I like helping those that need hand or a leg up if you will.

We can all go through so much at times it seems. trust me, i have seen every side of the fence, every turn of the diamond, and every curve of the snake.  Please feel free to ask me for your help as i will ask for yours

I Promise though whatever we go through it will be together and I will make sure that I am the last one standing until all "issues" are solved. 

One Love, Your all Love,

God's Love

Patrick Weeks


As you can see i am the jack of all trades, and so is the market i specialize in.

I love people that like to have fun. We should all be responsible about our Houses, but really whats the point if we can let go and be open.

I prob. tend to lean a little to the left in some areas. As I am easy going. But I am old school and and Yes sir no sir kind of guy.

Hopefully we can be a fit.


Hello My name is Patrick Weeks I am a Senior Associate and new with the company. I might not have the answer for you at this present moment, but I will do everything in my power to answer any question