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Get to Know Francesca Vavala

For those who care to know my personal history, the following is for you.  I'm a Delaware native and graduate of the University of Delaware c/o 2004.  I majored in English Education and taught for about 6 years before I because a real estate agent.  After discovering that I was not fulfilled from teaching, no matter the school or the grade, I reevaluated what I wanted to do, have, and be.  To be completely honest, it did all begin with the thought: "I like HGTV, especially 'Property Virgins'.  I could do that".  But the good news is that was just the beginning.  I did my research and talked about it a lot with my husband, my parents, and what would become my brokers, and I took the plunge.  Other than marrying my husband, I can't think of a single decision that I am happier I've made.  I absolutely love what I do every single day now and can't wait to go to work. 


When you're new, in any business, I think it's tough to convince people that they should use/employ you.  I have no initials designating me as great after my name, and while I am a REALTOR, I think the formal titles stop there.  So, I can only give you my philosophy.  My goal is to be your REALTOR for life.  You have one primary care physician.  One dentist.  Etc.  Why not have one REALTOR?  Since that is my goal, I only want to work with those to whom I have a mutual attraction; obviously I don't mean physically.  I mean that if you're going to be backing away from me, or vice versa, then I can't be your trusted advisor.  I want to work wtih those who will commit themselves to me as much as I do to them.  They're going to become, if they're not already, a good friend.  When I work with a client, I'm staying in touch well after the deal is done.  "Let's do drinks to celebrate!"  "Here's a great recipe I found."  "Need some help with moving?"   "Your kid made it to the State Tournament?  I'm there!"  If we connecct, then I become your guardian, your advisor, your champion, your negotiator, or anything else that you may need me to be.  If that's the kind of represenation you want, then I'm your girl.


I would say the area that I excel in and that I strive to perfect is in pricing.  Pricing right might be the most important and most overlooked skill that an agent can have, especially now.  When listing a home or buying a home, I do more than pull the comps.  If selling, I can show you your odds (yes, there are odds) and how to improve them so that you can have almost 100% odds of selling your home in the first 30 days it's on the market.  If buying, I can create a scattergram of homes, their features, prices, etc. so that you can see exactly how realistic the list price is compared to what has sold.  I will help you determine what fair market value is for your home, but I can only show you the information.  I will control the process, but it's you, the client, that has to make the decisions.


Delaware Homes is a small company that's about 3 years old with two offices, one in Kent County and one in New Castle County, and about 20 agents. We're growing every day and pride ourselves on helpi