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      I am an investor turned real estate professional serving Rhinebeck and Red Hook, NY and surrounding areas.         I ventured to real estate in 2004 when the market was heating up. It was a seller’s market and inventories were low. I remembered vividly that a buyer was waiting in my office with a binder check for a property in the village to come on the market. At that time, a buyer’s agent had to be resourceful and alert for her/his clients. I quickly learned how to take care of buyers and eventually developed my "Preferred Buyer Program."        The market reached its peak in 2007 and then crashed. All over a sudden, inventories were mounting and buyers quickly became scarce. How to sell became a major issue. At this juncture, my experience as an Internet entrepreneur gave me an edge. I incorporate cutting-edge internet marketing skills in my real estate marketing. I provide my clients with a multi-media and multi-layered marketing plan. It ensures a wide market exposure and delivers a targeted core selling message. I also updated traditional print media advertisement with smart phone technology. They are, in my marketing plan, connected to the Internet.        Along came the properties that were up-side-down, or even bank owned. I enrolled in Harris Real Estate University to hone my skill in the fields of short sale and REO management. Now, as a certified short sale specialist, I am able to help people whose properties are up-side-down. As a certified REO specialist, I can help buyers seize great investment opportunities. It feels really good to be able to provide great value to my clients.        Originally from Beijing, China, I furthered my education at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson and obtained my M.A in 2002. This experience enriched my life. Since then I have lived in Rhinebeck for almost ten years. I have found the place I call home.         I currently work with Mondello Upstate Properties in Red Hook, NY. A family-owned truly local firm with 25 years of presence in this area. I understand the value and importance of a home. I do not dare to take what I do lightly. I always have my clients’ best interest in my mind and my heart.         My personal blog is http://www.FengWinham.com. You can also learn how to buy and sell real estate in Rhinebeck area at my knowledgebase site http://www.RhinebeckRealestateGuide.com ..





Internet Marketing in Real Estate: My experience as an internet entreprenuer gave me an edge. I utilize Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, and smartphone technology to market roperties. This unique and cutting-edge approach ensures that your properties obtain a wide market exposure and my ability to identify the core selling messages will ultimately bring the right people to your house and seal the deal. Short Sales for Homeowners: A certified short sale specialist, I am trained to manage short sale settlements. With a clear understanding of short sales, I am an expert on communicating with lenders, completing the required paper work, and marketing short sale properties. Avoiding foreclosure is patriotic. I am here to help.                                                                                                                              REOs (Foreclosures) for Lenders : An acronym for Real Estate Owned, REOs are properties that were foreclosed on and not sold in the ensuing auctions, so they are owned by the lenders. Sometimes, REOs are referred to as "Foreclosures" by the general public. Although that is not exactly accurate, the nature of this type of properties is well understood. A certified REO specialist, I am trained to maintain and market REOs for lenders. All buyers: All the skills above enable me to help all buyers acquire properties with great value. A real estate investor myself, I hav a team of effective mortgage consultants, including FHA loan experts. Therefore, I serve first-time home buyers and investors very well.

An investor turned realtor and a working internet entrepreneur, I service my clients with experiences, knowledge, and technology. To learn more what I can do for you, Please visit www.fengwinham.com