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Doug Beaver
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Corona Norco Eastvale Homes for Sale helping Corona Norco Eastvale homeowners sell their homes. I have been in the people business assisting others most of my life. It is the customer that we have to thank for our salaries and very existance in whatever organization we are employed with. And I carry this life's training with me into Real Estate, That it is our customers Home Buyers and Sellers that are the reason we exist in this industry. Take care of them, Make there interests first above your own. Do this and they will definately pass the word that you are A Real Estate Agent that there friends and family can trust.

The Measure of an Excellent Realtor is what he is Willing To Do When You Do Not Need Him, I am that Realtor. You see 80% of what we do is before or after the sale. So the next time you meet a real estate agent who just wants you to go view a list of homes, GIVE ME A CALL and find out what Service is Really About.


Corona Norco Eastvae Homes For Sale Buying or Selling A Home lace the Best on your Team. Real Estate for The Real World

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Corona Norco Eastvale Riverside Homes for Sale and helping Corona Norco Riverside homeowners sell their homes. I will work for you and represent only your best interests. My job is to make the process of buying or selling stress free. I have acheived this many times over and will do this for you. Give me A call and let me create a accurate Home Evaluation based upon recent sales in your neigborhood. If you are looking to purchase a home use my website to find your Dream Home in the neigborhood of your choice. I will negoatiate and get my sellers the highest price and buyers the best cost and terms. In the event you need a Notary Public I am here to assist you as well. Certified in Loan signings and all Notary Services serving Corona Norco Riverside California. Put A Hard Working Century 21 Realtor on your Team. GIVE ME A CALL !


Office Top Seller 2007, 2008,2010,2011,2012, 2013 and 2014


Home Buyers, Home Sales Seasoned Negotiation Skills "I Will Work Hard for You" !

Tony G
Doug is an experienced agent always ready to put his skills and enthusiasm to the benefit of his clients.
Marcia W
Worked with him for 10 years at Century 21 Olde Tyme. A terrific person to work alongside!
Vicky M
Mr. Beaver is extremely knowledgable, helpful and professional.
Dana C
Doug Beaver was my real estate agent. As I worked more and more with him, I came to realize that when people think of Century 21 Olde Tyme, they think of Doug Beaver. Since successfully finding a house that I love, I fully understand why Doug is so revered. Although there are realtors with more than his approximately 10 years of experience, Doug´s chapter in life as an agent began with a bad experience he had with a realtor when he bought his home. This experience can be felt as you work with Doug as he continually checks with you that you are comfortable with the house you are pursuing. One of the greatest strengths that I found with Doug that some could care less for is his desire to talk with you at great length and in great detail about any and every facet of real estate (which, from my experience, proved accurate in the end). He has so much knowledge that he will divert into multiple tangents when trying to explain these intricacies. As a cautious first-time buyer, I can say that if you give him patience, he will return the favor. Doug´s origins are strongly rooted in the world that you and I live in - the world that knows there are sleaze ball realtors out there and he knows about and watches out for the tricks that are played. He´ll tell you about both sides of the fence - sellers vs. buyers, he´ll stand up for you against a pushy seller´s agent, and he´ll explain to you in a way you´re comfortable with that you need to increase the amount you´re willing to pay or decrease what you´re hoping to get. Real estate is a two way street for buyers vs. sellers; for Doug as the agent vs. you. Doug Beaver knows this and succeeds in his career by upholding this balance throughout your relationship and by doing so with integrity.

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