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Get to Know Denise Reilly Baker

Denise loves the concept of transforming rooms using existing household furnishings and accessories. ReDesigning offers a high-impact custom "designer look," without the typical designer prices! Most homeowners have already purchased things they love, or have collected special treasures over the years, but the room may not look and feel or function how they want it to, the way it is currently decorated.

That's why I am so passionate about redesign. Homeowners don't want to completely re-invent the style of their home and really just need a fresh new look that is a reflection of their sense of style and taste of who they are using what already exists in their home. The transformation that is created is absolutely amazing! Each individual homeowner's style is unique and different; it can be Traditional, Contemporary, Modern or Country. No matter what your style, the end result with a redesign project is always the same - an amazing transformation!

Denise is a Professional Certified Interior ReDesign Industry Specialist, I.R.I.S., a Certified Interior Staging Specialist, C.I.S.S. and a graduate of Interior ReDesign School. Denise is also a member of the 2008 National I.R.I.S. Planning Committee, Member of the Interior ReDesign Directory, and a member of the Active Rain Real Estate Network.


ReDesign Consultation/Estimate

During our one hour consultation, we will take a tour of your home and "shop" for items that will help us create the ultimate interior design makeover. We will also discuss and prioritize which rooms (spaces) you would like to have ReDesigned, as well as discussing your decorating goals, budget, function and purpose of the room(s), traffic patterns, etc., and possible focal points.

(Schedule a ReDesign after our consultation and a portion of the consultation fee will be credited toward your ReDesign project)

Ultimate Interior ReDesign Makeover Day

During your ultimate interior design makeover day, you will have the opportunity to enjoy hours of relaxation, or just time to get errands done while our Art of ReDesigning crew is busy at work ReDesigning in your home. Much like a skilled artist, we too like to start with a fresh clean canvas by removing all your furnishings and accessories from the space to be redesigned. Layer by layer, the ReDesign process unfolds into an amazing and dramatic transformation giving your space a fresh new look and the feel of a brand new room-all using your existing décor. A room ReDesign typically costs less than an upholstered chair and is completed in less than a day!

Custom Floral Arrangements

This is a specialized service that only Art of ReDesigning offers. We will create custom designed beautiful silk floral arrangement done right in your home using your favorite vase, basket or any type of accessory that will showcase the arrangement. Our team includes a professional floral designer with over 20 years experience and the knowledge to create beautiful and colorful arrangements. Why pay retail for floral arrangements when you can have one personally made and  custom tailored to match your décor, for an unbelievable price and only with Art of ReDesigning!

Whether you have a variety of miscellaneous silk stems, or a garden full of flowers and greenery, we can create an arrangement to add to the beauty of your redesign. Don't have any silk stems, no problem! We will personally shop for the perfect florals to create a beautiful arrangement to enhance and complete your redesign, all done in the same day!

Real Estate Staging

You only get one chance to make a great first impression! Statistics show that staged homes are on the market for less time and sell for more money.

With Art of ReDesigning Staging services, we will help enhance and highlight your homes best features! Buyers tend to fall in love with homes that they can quickly envision themselves living in.

This is accomplished by "editing" or "depersonalizing" rooms as well as re-arranging furniture and accessories to optimize space and showcase architectural beauty within your home.

Potential buyers prefer to visit a staged property first over a non-staged property. Staging a home, will always cost less than a first price reduction on your home.

Art of ReDesigning Real Estate Staging offers maximum style & color impact as well as enhanced first impressions to your potential buyers.

**Special Realtor discounts apply when Art of ReDesigning is included in your listing presentation. Call for further details.

Service levels of Staging


This "do it yourself" checklist is custom tailored for the home-seller with recommended tasks to complete. Art of ReDesigning will walk through your home with you and make recommendations on "de-cluttering" and "editing" to help your home look more appealing to buyers. Our extensive checklist begins with your homes "curb appeal," and continues inside-room by room, closet by closet-all the way outside, to your backyard. As we discuss ideas and make recommendations together, we will compile a comprehensive checklist (usually delivered to you the next business day) to do yourself. This walk through can take up to two hours and a report will be provided within 24 hours.


You only get one chance to make a first impression. Our team will edit and rearrange your furnishings and accessories for you that ultimately can alleviate the stress and the emotional attachment you feel about moving. This service will enhance your home's best features, and optimize space which will appeal to buyer's eyes and make the best possible first impression. We can work within your budget and address the areas that are a priority from the home's entryway all the way to the backyard.


Includes all of the above, plus some added decorative props, and/or furniture to create the desired effect. You can rent items for a small monthly fee using Art of ReDesigning's inventory.


This service offers complete set up and delivery of furnishings and accessories to stage the rooms in your home that will have the greatest impact on buyers. We will visit the property and decide which areas to furnish and stage. We select the furniture, arrange for delivery and pick-up and provide the artwork and accessories to complete the look.

Move-Services Typically, when you move from one house to the next, what do most people do? Place all the items that were in the living room, back in the living room. Place all the items that were in your bedroom, back in the bedroom. We bring a whole new perspective and creativity to this process, that you will absolutely be thrilled you hired us. This service begins with a consultation that includes photos and measurements of your furniture at the home you currently reside in. Then we meet again and take photos and measurements of your new home. We then come back for a third time and coordinate the entire placement of the furniture with the movers. You don't have to do anything. Once you have unpacked and grouped similar items together, we come back and decorate the whole house using our redesign expertise and training. Not only is this experience affordable, it cuts your move-in time in half and you have a fresh new look with out having to purchase anything new. After the redesign is complete and you need a few things, we will supply you with a wish list of those exact items for you to buy or we can purchase them for you to finish.

Combining Households & Downsizing

If you are in the process of combining households or are moving from a larger home to a smaller one, our services are available to you through out the entire process. We will help make this transition as stress-free as possible.

Our services will help assist both households in deciding what pieces of furniture and which accessories to keep, ensuring that both parties' styles can be integrated successfully.

We can help "edit" your accumulation of treasures, while keeping your personal style and helping to create beauty via arranging your furniture and accessories to be comfortable and functional.

We can also assist with the sale of your existing home by staging it using the remaining pieces of furniture. Please see our Portfolio of Services under Real Estate Staging.

Color Consultation

Painting is the most dramatic (and least expensive) way to enhance the impact of your room transformation. Using proven Color Theory techniques, we will help you find the perfect paint color to coordinate with items that already exist in your room that will define the space and bring it all together-from painting your walls, to adding colorful throw pillows-Art of ReDesigning will help you achieve the look you desire via beautiful color throughout your home!

China & Curio Cabinet ReDesign

Are you one of the many homeowners that have beautiful china or special treasures and collectibles that you love, but have no idea how to display them to properly showcase their true beauty? Does your china cabinet look like a "catch-all" safe haven of collectibles just piled in just to stay protected? We take great pride and care in creating beautiful displays that will truly showcase your collections, treasures and favorite antiques. With this service, you will LOVE your treasures again, and you might actually use the china when company arrives!

Personal Furniture and Accessory Shopping Services

Who doesn't like to shop? Not only can we help you pick out a wish list of items for your home, but we can also extend our Trade Discount to you. Utilize our experience and contacts to find the perfect home décor items to fit within your budget and your style. We can either shop together, or we can handle it alone, whichever you prefer. We will work within the budget that we have predetermined together to find the perfect new items for your home.

Coffee, ReDesign and Wine Parties

A popular favorite! With this service, your friends and neighbors (or whomever you choose to invite), will come to your home for coffee and bagels, meet the designer and get a look at what room you have selected to be ReDesigned (the before).  Later the same day, after the Art of ReDesigning transforms your room, your guests are all invited back to enjoy a glass of wine, cheese and crackers and witness the amazing ReDesign transformation that took place (the after). What better way to spend the day, coffee, conversation with friends, a room ReDesign and an opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine-while showcasing your NEW space. Your friends will be raving about your new room-all takes place in one day! To top it off, the beverages and food are all compliments of Art of ReDesigning!

Gift Certificates

Do you know someone that is overwhelmed with the thought of decorating their home or just doesn't know where to begin? Give the gift of a beautiful room with a Gift Certificate from Art of ReDesigning! Great Mother's Day, Birthdays or any occasion. All denominations of services available!


Professional Certified Home Stager and Interior ReDesign. We stage vacant and occupied homes to help sell for top dollar. Create the "ultimate interior design makeover" in less than a day!