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Get to Know Mold Detection Services and IAQ Testing Company

Mold Detection Services, Inc., will inspect and test for mold in homes, apartments, workplaces, commercial properties, boats, and anywhere else mold grows.

A certified mold inspector, utilizing the best equipment available in the industry (Infrared Cameras, Laser Particle Counters, Etc.), will carry out every inspection. We use only digital calibrated, custom made indoor air quality testing pumps to insure you receive only accurate results.

Consequently, our clients will receive the highest quality service. Our services include a thorough inspection (utilizing Infared Thermal Imaging, Laser Particle Counts,  Certified MoldDogsTM) and follow-up testing (air samples, swabs and glass slides), accompanied by an extensive report. In addition, we will be working with a nationally recognized lab, dedicated to the production of accurate data, via high-quality equipment, and staffed with professionals specialized in this field.

We will not be involved in the remediation of any mold problems, since this would be a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. We do offer Mold Consulting Services to help you through the remediation process and to protect your interests.

Mold Detection Services will protect your interest. Call the South Florida Mold Company You Can Trust! 

Serving all of South Florida's Mold Problems: Miami Dade, Fort Lauderdale Broward, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach

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Leak from AC unit above into kitchen below        Window fames leaking into the ceiling area


What is a mold inspection         Call:  305.571.2280

Our inspectors use laser pointed hygrometers (detects humidity levels and accurate temperature readings), boroscopes (fiber optics), protimiters (moisture meter), and laser particle counters (instant airborne particle count). Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras are the latest specialized equipment used by our inspectors. These all help detect hidden mold behind the walls, ceilings and floors to determine the areas of potential mold growth and continuing moisture penetration.

The ARTI Laser Particle CounterTM is used to assess indoor air quality and cleanliness of rooms. The handheld device monitors environments to test for airborne particles. This device will help track down particle source problems. Its intelligent design and overall utility is invaluable in mold detection and making workplace environments safer and healthier.

ARTI Laser Particle CounterTM  used for air sampling


After a complete and thorough inspection and testing, we provide each client with a detailed report. The Final Report contains the following:

1. Observations made on the day/time of the inspection:

Certified Mold Inspector Visual Observations Humidity Readings Temperature Readings Moisture Readings Laser Particle Counter Readings Certified MoldDogsTM Alerts Boroscope Observations (if necessary)  Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Scan & Pictures

2. Detailed test results

Identify the type of mold/spore present  Count the number of spores in the air Describe the mold and any possible health effects Assess whether an unusual mold condition exists

3. Digital photos of visible mold

4. Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Pictures

Clearance Testing

Please feel free to call us once your remediation is complete so we can determine whether or not toxic black mold still exists.  Learn more about Clearance Testing Services.

Why should you have a mold inspection?  If you:

Believe that your health has been comprimised in your home or workplace. Believe that the structural integrity of your home has been compromised i.e. a flood or a leak.  More information about Storm Damage.

Why should you choose Mold Detection Services, Inc.

MDS, Inc. was founded on the premise that we would provide the best tools, technology, and service for detecting and identifying mold in any environment. MDS, Inc. has recruited man's best friend to assist us in detecting mold. Our only focus is to detect and identify mold, we DO NOT provide remediation services, since it would be a conflict of interest. Our equipment is routinely calibrated to provide you with the most accurate inspection possible.

Infrared Camera Inspections, Leak Detection, Thermal Imaging Camera Consulting

Thermal Imaging ThermaCAM® B2 Infrared Camera:Ultra-compact, lightweight infrared camera for building inspections. The ThermaCam® B2 infrared camera offers a non-invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings - providing immediate high-resolution thermal imagery, revealing potential structural and moisture issues, energy efficiency and even rodent or pest discovery. Infrared thermography cameras produce images of invisible infrared or "heat" radiation and provide precise non-contact temperature measurement capabilities. Unlike visible light, in the infrared world, everything with a temperature above absolute zero emits heat. Even very cold objects, like ice cubes, emit infrared. The higher the object's temperature, the greater the IR radiation emitted. Infrared allows us to see what our eyes cannot.Automatic Dew Point Identification Alarm Identifies potential condensation areas where mold might occur with visible and audible alarm options. The dew point is calculated in real time as a function of air temperature and relative humidity in the room and indicates potential surfaces in the room on which condensation will occur. Find Problems Fast Monitor and diagnose the condition of buildings quickly and view crisp thermal images on the bright 2.5" color LCD. Highlight and analyze problms, store images and document results. Pinpoint Problems With Precision The built-in Laser LocatIRTM quickly helps you associate the hot spot on the IR image with the real physical target. This feature greatly enhances the ability to target inconsistencies. Fast Detection For Fast Action Instantly image entire rooms, inspect places that can't be physically reached with moisture meters, reveal wet conditions behind surfaces such as enameled walls and wallpaper that don't readily water stain, track leaks to their source, monitor the drying process, and confirm when a structure is dry.Fiber optic borescopes are used to see into your duct system, behind appliances and other hard to see places. We use the best laser pointed hygrometers available when recording your temperature and humidity readings. Mold Detection Services also uses Protimeter Surveymasters which is a Dual Mode Pin and Non-Invasive Moisture Meter.

Health and Mold

Molds can cause a wide variety of adverse responses in people depending on the type and quantity present. However, these are not the only factors when considering the health effects of mold exposure. Since human responses can be highly individualistic, the sensitivity of the person exposed is also an important consideration. For example, infants and young children, the immune-compromised, and the elderly are at an increased risk for experiencing adverse health effects related to mold exposure.

There are many methods of exposure to molds including dermal contact, ingestion, and inhalation. The health risks associated with mold exposure include, but are not limited to:

Infections Inflammation associated with volatile organic compounds Allergic reaction

Infections can be caused by molds found in indoor air. At extreme levels, hypersensitive pneumonitis may develop.

Individuals with compromised immune systems or aggravated health conditions can be especially susceptible to invasive mold infections.
Mold blamed for breathing problems

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Respiratory problems, including some asthma, can be caused by mold....(Click here to read more)

Mold Detection Services - Testing & Consulting Services 

What Is Remediation?
The purpose of mold remediation is to remove and/or clean contaminated materials in a way that prevents them from spreading mold to uncontaminated areas. 
It is necessary to clean up mold contamination, not just kill the mold.

Questions To Ask Before Remediation

Has the source of moisture been fixed?Are there existing moisture problems in the building?Have building materials been wet more than 48 hours?Are there hidden sources of water or is the humidity too high?Is there a musty or moldy odor in the building?Are building materials or furnishings visibly damaged?

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Mold Detection Services offers Certified Mold Consulting and Testing Services. Our Mold Inspections include Infrared Cameras, Laser Particle Counters and more. M.D.S., is South Florida's Mold Company.